Zizur Mayor starts its first participatory budgeting project

The City Council of Zizur Mayor-Zizur Nagusia has launched the first project selection process through participatory budgets. The deadline for submitting proposals began on March 1 and will last until the 31st of this month (inclusive). In the first phase of submitting proposals Any person registered in the locality over 16 years of age can participate.

Then there will be four more phases: technical assessment, selection of proposals, public presentation of proposals and popular vote. The latter will take place in the middle of June and the winning proposal will be executed with a budget of 30,000 euros.

The mayor of Zizur Mayor-Zizur Nagusia, Jon Gondan (Geroa Bai)wanted to underline that “with these budgets we want to know the priorities of our neighbors. We believe that for the construction of a more active Zizur it is important that citizens transmit their concerns through these kinds of processes.

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