Yellow engine warning light: what it means, what to do

Car warning lights are essential for preventing serious breakdowns of the engine and other vehicle components. In particular, in endothermic cars, one of the most important warnings is the yellow engine warning light, which turns on to indicate a more or less serious problem with the engine.
In these cases it is first of all necessary to remain calm, checking the type of signal to understand the seriousness of the anomaly detected by the control unit through the sensors that monitor the engine. Let's see what the yellow engine light on means and what to do in these circumstances.

  1. Machine engine warning light on steady
  2. Engine failure with flashing yellow light
  3. Other anomalies signaled by the yellow engine warning light
  4. What to do when the yellow engine warning light is on
  5. Yellow engine warning light: how much do repairs cost?

Machine engine warning light on steady

The yellow engine light, which in some car models is offered with an orange engine light, is recognizable by the stylized image of an internal combustion engine. It is located in the instrument panel of the vehicle, and is activated by the control unit when it detects a fault through the sensors present in different points of the engine.
If the yellow light is on with a steady light, it means that the control unit has detected a problem with the engine. Generally this is a minor malfunction, so it is possible to continue driving but it is advisable to drive carefully, avoiding excessive strain on the vehicle's engine to prevent potential damage.
In these cases it is advisable to have the car checked by a mechanic as soon as possible, so that the engine failure can be verified to identify the causes and carry out the repair. At the workshop the experts connect to the control unit to understand the type of problem encountered, providing for the resolution of the damage.

Engine failure with flashing yellow light

In some cases, an engine fault with a yellow light on and flashing can indicate a serious problem, so this warning should not be underestimated and the vehicle should be stopped immediately as soon as it is safe to do so. A common cause is a catalyst failure, resulting in incorrect information being sent to the ECU.
Among the tasks of the ECU is the management of the mixture of air and fuel necessary for the correct functioning of the engine, however incorrect data transmitted by the catalyst can alter this balance and cause serious damage to the engine. The catalyst, in fact, is used to monitor the concentration of oxygen inside the exhaust gases.
This information allows the control unit to optimally dose the air / fuel mixture, but if the data received are wrong this process does not take place correctly and can cause serious consequences. In less serious situations it leads to an increase in CO2 emissions, even deteriorating the engine in the worst cases.

Other anomalies signaled by the yellow engine warning light

The turning on of the yellow engine warning light can also signal other problems, which cannot be identified without scanning the control unit. The faults that can cause the yellow engine warning light to turn on include:
• malfunction of the injection system;
• failure of the accelerator pedal;
• problem with the exhaust system;
• failure of the EGR valves.
Most of these anomalies can be avoided through proper maintenance of the car, always carrying out the mandatory periodic inspections of the vehicle and the coupons recommended by the manufacturer. In fact, in the car booklet it is possible to find all the interventions recommended by the manufacturer, including every how many Km replace the components subject to wear.
In any case, do not neglect the turning on of the yellow engine warning light, as the car could even come to a complete stop. In these cases, it is essential to have a good roadside assistance service, such as the optional quixa smart roadside assistance guarantee that can be integrated into the AXA group's RCA quixa policies.

What to do when the yellow engine warning light is on

The yellow engine light does not always indicate a serious problem, but in some circumstances it could be a false alarm. For example, a failed sensor could send incorrect data to the ECU and cause the engine light to go off, so just reset the ECU or replace the malfunctioning sensor to fix the problem.
In other cases it is possible to try to turn the car off and on again, to check if the yellow engine warning light remains active or if it goes out in the instrument panel. Some car models also allow you to reset the warning lights from the digital instrumentation, in this way you can reset the warning lights and avoid going to the workshop in the event of a false alarm.
If, on the other hand, the warning light remains on, fixed or flashing, all that remains is to go to your trusted mechanic and have the car inspected by a professional. This also applies when the car has no particular anomalies, continuing to operate without loss of performance, to avoid a serious breakdown of the vehicle's engine.

Yellow engine warning light: how much do repairs cost?

In the event of an engine failure, the cost of the repair depends on the type of failure found. For example, the replacement of the car catalyst costs about 250-400 euros, however it is not possible to drive with the broken catalyst as the car does not respect the European limits on CO2 emissions and this malfunctioning component can also compromise the motor.
Changing the EGR valves, on the other hand, can cost from 400 to 500 euros considering both the new parts and the labor, but the prices vary a lot depending on the workshop that performs the work. In any case, the cost of the repair allows you to keep the car in perfect condition, avoiding more serious problems that require a much higher expense.
The replacement of the entire internal combustion engine, in fact, can cost from 1,500 to 3,000 euros, a price to which the cost of labor of about 500-1,000 euros must be added. It is clear how important it is not to underestimate the yellow engine warning light and to intervene as soon as possible, solving the anomaly before it is necessary to incur a higher expense.

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