Who is Ramona and why has she taken Twitter by storm?

who got involved these last few days on twitter You will have seen that, along with the Russian invasion in Ukraine and some football match, it has sneaked in like trending topic the term ‘Ramona’. And no, he was not referring to the song by Fernando Esteso, but to a real woman named after him, who has unintentionally become the protagonist.

Ramona, a middle-aged Catalan, entered Twitter on Tuesday night, to her account @BastidaJaquinaan account in which a few minutes before it had 1,000 followers and now has more than 26,000. And he set out to participate in the spaces (space) of Twitter, some rooms in which people gather to engage in live voice chats on different topics and to which any user can add.

Ramona was preparing to participate, as she used to do until then, with four or five other peoplein a conversation about the latest news from the soap opera by Rocío Carrasco, but something happened so that his audience multiplied until it reached thousands of people.

And how did it happen? Well, when they gave way to that voice chat and she began to give her opinion, she agreed that many people entered by chance and stayed out of pure curiosity to see how the lady spoke. Or perhaps it was not such a coincidence, but a trolling of the organizer of that space that got out of hand. With so many people and many people being disrespectful, pretending to be famous people or looking for their moment of glory, we had to close the space.

But Ramona reappeared at dawn, creating her own space, and grew at the interest it had created. Thus, in addition to talking about Rocío Carrasco reviewed world news, defending the independence of Catalonia, criticizing Vox, Pedro Sánchez, Jorge Javier Vázquez, current vaccines, the United States or the president of Ukraine. He created a kind of consulting room in which he answered all the questions that were asked of him.

Between the 27,000 people who joined the conversationthe vast majority as listeners, it was possible to see successful streamers like Ibai Llanos, ElRubius and AuronPlaypoliticians like Mariano Rajoy and Iván Espinosa de los Monteros or communicators such as Siro López and Emilio Doménech (Nanísimo), attracted by Ramona’s almost humorous way of giving her opinion. Even programs like The resistance they hesitated with the idea of ​​taking her the next day to the program.

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