Walks in the mountains: the best in Italy to do with children

Walks in the mountains with children are a healthy and educational activity, an excellent opportunity to strengthen the family bond and foster the relationship of children with nature. Obviously it is important to choose paths suitable for children, selecting routes that are easy to walk and above all safe. In Italy there are many itineraries for mountain walks with children, both in the Alps of the northern regions and in the Apennines of central Italy. Let's discover 5 perfect paths for a mountain trip for children, with the most interesting places to spend some time immersed in nature with your children.

  1. 1. Paths for children in the mountains: the hermitage of San Valentino
  2. 2. Mountain excursion with children: the Path of Expressions
  3. 3. Mountain walks in Lombardy with children at the Gerli Refuge
  4. 4. The best mountain trails for children: on the Alpe di Siusi in a stroller
  5. 5. Mountain trails to do with children: Passo Pramollo
  6. How to organize a mountain trip for children

1. Paths for children in the mountains: the hermitage of San Valentino

An interesting idea for a walk in the mountains with children is Lake Garda, in particular the lakefront which, starting from Sasso, allows you to reach the hermitage of San Valentino. It is an original and different route, with a gentle climb compatible with children, which still offers a splendid view of Lake Garda. From the hamlet of Gargnano it is possible to tackle a slight difference in height in a cool and relaxing environment, through a quiet wood, until you find yourself in front of a small church set in the rocky wall. The journey takes about a couple of hours, with the possibility of having a picnic once you reach the hermitage of San Valentino, rest and enjoy a magnificent view.

2. Mountain excursion with children: the Path of Expressions

In the beautiful forest of the Intelvi Valley is the Sentiero delle Espressioni, an excellent path to take together with your children for a trip to the mountains in the name of adventure. The walk is located in the province of Como on Monte Comana, with the possibility of reaching a panoramic terrace that offers an exceptional view from above on Lake Como. The Path of Expressions is characterized by a series of sculptures carved into the trunks of trees, which depict animals such as squirrels and owls or masks, gnomes and monsters of the imagination. It is also possible to have lunch at the farmhouse located halfway along the path, an idea to consider for the return, when hunger begins to be felt, as an alternative to the classic outdoor picnic.

3. Mountain walks in Lombardy with children at the Gerli Refuge

For a high altitude trip with children in Lombardy, you can choose the Gerli Refuge, located at 1960 meters above sea level on Alpe Ventina. The route begins in Alta Valmalenco near Chiareggio at 1612 meters, where you can park your car and climb along a dirt path, crossing stony ground and small streams. At the Gerli Refuge it is also possible to book accommodation and spend the night in the mountains, or taste the typical dishes of Valtellina cuisine. The refuge is open every day from mid-June to September, otherwise only on weekends, offering an important base for those who want to get to know Alpe Ventina.

4. The best mountain trails for children: on the Alpe di Siusi in a stroller

An easy path that can also be traveled with a stroller can be found on the Alpe di Siusi, starting from Compatsch to get to the Edelweiss Refuge and Almrosenhutte. This route in the splendid Dolomites of South Tyrol can be covered in about an hour and a half, with an altitude difference of 200 meters from the 1850 meters of Compatsch up to the 2045 meters of the Edelweiss Refuge and the 2004 meters of Almrosenhutte. The road is wide and begins asphalted and then continues on a light dirt road, altering uphill sections and other flat ones that allow you to rest. It is also possible to take a carriage ride with a view of the Sciliar, or admire the breathtaking panorama with the Sassopiatto and Sassolungo mountains that beautifully represent the Alpe di Siusi.

5. Mountain trails to do with children: Passo Pramollo

One of the best itineraries for a walk with children in the mountains is the Pramollo Pass, a medium difficulty trek also suitable for children. In this case, the journey on foot begins at Passo Pramollo, between the passes that connect Italy with Austria, to continue along a cobblestone road slightly uphill towards Casera Auernig at 1609 meters above sea level. The journey can be interrupted at this point, or you can continue to Casera For along a downhill path. The strong point of this route is the splendid panorama that can be admired at any time, with the possibility of enjoying a wonderful sunset in Casera Auernig, taking souvenir photos or simply taking advantage of this unique atmosphere.

How to organize a mountain trip for children

To go trekking in the mountains with children it is important to organize well, always putting the safety of your children first and also managing any unforeseen events. First of all it is necessary to choose suitable paths according to the age of the children, considering aspects such as the length of the itinerary, the difference in height and the type of surface on which to walk. It is advisable to choose paths that offer refreshment points, whether it is a refuge at high altitude or an accommodation facility located in the place of departure. It is also necessary to buy clothes suitable for walking in the mountains, especially trekking shoes which must be comfortable and protect the feet of the little ones well. Of course, it is essential to check the weather forecast before starting the journey, but still take waterproof clothing with you in case of sudden rain. It is also advisable to have plenty of water with you to keep the little ones hydrated, sunscreen to avoid sunburn and sunburn and a first aid kit with everything you need. With quixa you can protect yourself and your loved ones against a series of unforeseen events, for example with the quixa smart salute policy that protects in the event of an accident or illness, or with quixa smart roadside assistance to benefit from roadside assistance throughout Europe in the event of breakdown or accident with your vehicle while traveling for the mountain trip.

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