Trip out of town: 5 ideas in Central Italy

For a trip out of town in central Italy there is certainly no shortage of destinations, with many perfect places for a few relaxing days away from the city. From historic villages to beaches, from natural parks to the mountains, this part of the country is full of proposals for an unforgettable experience even with little time available. Obviously the right itinerary depends on your preferences, however Central Italy is certainly able to satisfy any need and personal taste. Let's find out 5 itineraries for a trip out of town to discover central Italywith some interesting ideas from which to take inspiration to choose where to go in the day between Tuscany, Lazio, Umbria, Abruzzo and Marche.

  1. Trip out of town to the Gardens of Ninfa
  2. Go out of town in Pesaro
  3. Where to go in one day in Central Italy: Sinizzo Lake
  4. Trips out of town in central Italy: Spoleto
  5. Where to go in the day in San Gimignano
  6. How to organize a trip out of town in

Trip out of town to the Gardens of Ninfa

In the Municipality of Cisterna di Latina you will find the beautiful and mysterious Garden of Ninfaconsidered one of the most suggestive and romantic places in Central Italy. Born as a small fiefdom, starting from the nineteenth century the Garden was embellished and enriched with architectural and natural details of rare beautyuntil it became a natural oasis in 1976. Inside it is possible to admire the rich plant and animal life of the park, but they can also be found a river and a small lake with a series of ancient buildings from the medieval age. It is a perfect destination for a trip out of town or as a stop during your holidays in Lazio, ideal for nature lovers, being present inside the Garden over 1300 species of plants from all over the world.

Go out of town in Pesaro

A popular destination for a relaxing weekend is Pesaroamong the most popular cities of the Marche. It is a delightful town where you can find lots of activities and attractions for every preference, and it is also a popular destination for cycling enthusiasts and cycling excursions thanks to its proximity to Gabicce Mare and other similar locations. Among the things to see in Pesaro there is undoubtedly the Old Townwhere you can admire the Renaissance palaces and the remains of the medieval walls. A must visit Le villas of the San Bortolo Park: The Imperial Villa of the Renaissance period and the seventeenth-century Villa Caprile, a historic residence of the '400 characterized by terraced gardens and water features always very popular during the summer.

Where to go in one day in Central Italy: Sinizzo Lake

An enchanting place for a trip out of town in Abruzzo is the Sinizzo lakeperfect place for an excursion with the whole family to do in a weekend or in just a day. The lake is located within the Aterno Valleynear two other bodies of water such as Lake Vetoio and Lake Bagno, tourist destinations very popular with nature lovers. Here you can also visit the Rigid cavesa complex of caves located in the Sirente-Velino Park near San Demetrio ne 'Vestini considered a natural wonder and testimony of an active resurgence unique in Italy. Access to the caves is only possible with an authorized guide, however it is an experience that is worth trying to experience the unique emotion of go into the mountain.

Trips out of town in central Italy: Spoleto

A destination in central Italy to visit absolutely is Spoletoa small and characteristic town in Umbria. Location rich in history and traditionSpoleto boasts a truly rich offer for tourists who decide to spend a couple of days or just a few hours there, leaving each visitor with a special memory. Among the places to see are the Rocca Albornoziana, an imposing fortress located in the highest part of the historic center, the famous Bridge of the Towers considered the symbol of the city and the beautiful Spoleto Cathedral. Also not to be missed is a visit to Caio Melisso Theateras well as a tasting of typical Umbrian dishes at one of the many traditional restaurants in Spoleto.

Where to go in the day in San Gimignano

Among the most beautiful places in Tuscany, Saint Gimignano it is certainly an ideal destination for organizing a trip out of town in Central Italy. Hill town of rare beauty thanks to its enchanting landscapes, San Gimignano shows itself in all its splendor through the spectacular Cathedral of the twelfth century. Equally suggestive is the Piazza del Duomo of San Gimignanoone of the main points of the city, in addition to Piazza della Cisterna and to Church of Sant'Agostino. Try a local wine tasting such as the famous one Vernacciain addition to typical products such as finocchiona, wild boar sausages and the exceptional extra virgin olive oil from the Tuscan hills of San Gimignano.

How to organize a trip out of town in

Before leaving for a trip out of town it is important to carry out some checks. First of all you have to check the car performing a complete checkup of the machine, checking the battery, the brakes, the engine fluids and the wear of the tires, remembering to carry out the recharging the air conditioning in summer. In the same way it is necessary check the car documentsmaking sure to comply with the mandatory vehicle inspection, the RCA policy and obviously also with the driving license. Furthermore, it is appropriate check the emergency kitmaking sure that the spare wheel is in perfect condition and if possible also purchasing a device for quick tire repair in the event of a puncture. To travel with greater peace of mind it is also possible to evaluate a dedicated breakdown serviceto protect yourself in case of unforeseen events during the trip and avoid ruining the trip. In these cases it is necessary to check if roadside assistance is already included in the RCA policy, otherwise it is important to consider add this optional warranty compulsory insurance. With quixa smart roadside assistance it's possible travel in peace in Italy and in Europethanks to a modern comprehensive roadside assistance service offered at affordable prices. It is a simple solution to leave by car without worries, benefiting in case of need for a replacement car, the24/7 roadside assistance and the reimbursement of hotel, return or continuation of the trip expenses.

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