The USA, Russia, China, France and the Regne Unit are committed to avoiding a nuclear war

The five permanent members of the Security Council of the UN, France, China, the State Units, the Regne Unit and Russia, will highlight here their joint commitment to avoid a nuclear war i l’expansió d’aquest tipus d’armament.

In a declaration signed by the seus caps d’Estat i de Govern, they highlight the seva will to «work amb all els Estats per posar en marxa un security environment which allowed me to achieve a greater advance in the matter of disarmament».

Acord amb l’Iran

The communication is going to publish the mateix day in which it is to reprimand Vienna the multilateral negotiations to save the nuclear accord with Iran, that haurien to limit the atomic activities of this Islamic Republic.

These five nuclear powers will affirm that a nuclear war “mai pot be guanyada i mai has to be lliurada”.

«Given the wide-ranging consequences that nuclear weapons would have, we also affirm that these, while they exist, must serve defensive purposes, deterrence and war prevention. We are firmly convinced of the need to prevent the continuation of the spread of these weapons”, they go on to say.

This declaration, issued in view of the planned celebration of this any conference of the parties in charge of the examination of the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, will emphasize the serious determination at the time of respecting the obligations established by here I agree

Specifically, the one set out in article VI, focuses on the “commitment to continue negotiations in good faith on effective measures related to the completion of the nuclear arms course in the near future and to nuclear disarmament.”

Each of these five States, according to the text, will ensure that it provides for maintaining and reinforcing the severe national measures aimed at preventing the unauthorized or unintentional use of nuclear weapons.

Així mateix, they will point out that they will continue to seek «bilateral and multilateral diplomatic approaches to avoid military confrontations, strengthen stability and predictability, increase understanding and mutual trust and avoid an arms race that would benefit no one».

The final objective, according to the note, is “a world exempt from nuclear weapons” so that the security for everyone decreases.

Avis de Guterres

This past December, the Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres, will raise the alarm on the perill of a conflict in this nature. “I have compte l’emmagatzemament of more than 13,000 nuclear weapons to the arsenals of all the world, how long will our sort last?”, He is going to ask him.

“Nuclear destruction is a Damocles thorn: not hauria prou amb a malentès or an error of appreciation for causing not only suffering and death on a frightful scale, but also the end of all life on Earth.”

The NPT, which will enter into force in 1970 to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, is integrated by 191 states.

The five signatories are the five States that are legally recognized as “dotats de l’arma nucola” by the treaty. Three countries most considered possessors of the atomic bomb (India, Pakistan and Israel) are non-signatories. North Korea, for the seva band, has denounced the NPT.

These declarations will coincide with the negotiations, in Vienna, aimed at revitalizing the 2015 agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, moribund since the States Units will withdraw in 2018.

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