The tears of the Russian soldiers in Ukraine

In a war it is lluiten moltes battles and the of propaganda is clau. And in this battle, the Ukrainians seem to be posant to the capdavant. The information about the low morale of l’Exèrcit rus is multiply i in a gest that vol demonstrate humanity in front of brutality of the invader, the Ukrainian Army has invited these dimecres the seas of captured Russian soldiers to come and look for them in Ukraine.

Ukraine claims to have captured the desires of Russian soldiers and there are images published by mobile phones and social media that show disconcerted young men in uniform without arms. Some fins i tot apareixen plorant. In one of the videos that circulates the most, I see a group of civilians donating you and helping a soldier who was captured while they provide a mobile phone because they informed his wife that he is alive. But the young soldier s’enfonsa i begin to cry.

In other videos, you see soldats fets presoners denouncing that they have followed “enganyats” and “enviats a la mort”. Other images show soldiers confessing to their families by telephone that they have committed war crimes.

Kiev seeks to sensitize the Russian public opinion about the Obrint invasion a telephone line because the pairs trick to ask about the fate of their fills at the front i know if they are dead or captured. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has telephone lines and emails through which representatives inform about captured Russians and has said that the seas will return to the capital if they return to collect their fills.

“You will be rebudes and they will be transported to the lloc with they will return to their fills,” the minister will indicate. “Unlike Putin’s feixists, we Ukrainians are not fighting the war against the seas and their captured fills,” he indicated.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has admès these dimecres the death of 498 russian soldiers to war, more than 1,597 military ferits. The information, the first published by Russia since the war will begin on February 28, was donated by the Russian Defense Minister, Igor Konaixénkov, in a communication. A figure that l’Exèrcit d’Ucraïna raises to 5,850 Russian military killed in combat.

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