The reason why the tension rises and tricks from the experts to control it

Not having good blood pressure levels can cause us to develop serious diseases that, ultimately, can even compromise our lives. In fact, according to Dr. Vicente Pallarés, Family Physician and coordinator of the SEMERGEN Arterial Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease Working Group, "hypertension is a very important pathology because it represents the first cause for which the world population gets sick or diesfar ahead of tobacco or obesity.

In an interview with Europa Press, the also professor of Medicine at the Jaume I University of Castellón has underlined that the high blood pressure is also one risk factor for other cardiovascular pathologies. The "big problem" according to this expert is that it is also silent. "If something does not condition us on a day-to-day basis, we pay little or no attention to it, when its consequences can be crucial," he remarked. In fact, Dr. Pallarés has admitted that it is common that during the 20-25-30 years we do not pay attention to our blood pressure, when it evolves over the years. "From the age of 40, once every two years, we should check our blood pressure in both arms, and if the numbers come out above a minimum of 140-90, we must be on our guard", he stated.

Why can blood pressure increase?

The specialist has remarked that we can increase the tension a anxiety crisisa chronic problem in workedeither family problems that hyperactivate the nervous system, which regulates the cardiovascular and digestive systems, which, among their different actions, cause blood pressure to increase. Other issues that cause blood pressure to rise, as the SEMERGEN expert continued to detail, are the continued use of narcotics, smokinghigh consumption of Salt at meals, the use or abuse of alcohol,obesity or sedentary lifestyle. Apart from that, Pallarés has also warned patients with high blood pressure figures to avoid the use of effervescent drugs, which have a high sodium intake. Likewise, he explained that a cause of secondary hypertension is the consumption of some substances that can be bought in health food stores, such as licorice, traditional cause of someone's tension rising; or the use of methamphetamine; apart from the indiscriminate abuse ofanti-inflammatories (ibuprofen, diclofenac, among others), which can also lead to high blood pressure.

Symptoms that alert us to a power surge

This family doctor has advised that in 90% of cases people who have a power surge do not notice it because they have no symptoms. "On some occasions this will manifest as a headachewith a headache that is not usual, and normally located in the area of ​​the neck, and that can also put us on alert", stated Pallarés.

Thus, the expert has specified that it may be the case that our tension rises and our body is not able to withstand it, something that could give us a scare in the form ofstroke bleeding. "Blood pressure goes up as we get older. family history they can give us clues, especially this first generation who are hypertensive should condition us to worry more about our health and check our blood pressure periodically. If our blood pressure rises, we should always consult the family doctor," stressed Dr. Pallarés.

How can we control it?

When it comes to keeping it at bay, the SEMERGEN member usually recommends exerciselose weight, regulate salt intake, although it has affected that now it is not so much to control salt but the judges, which is used as a preservative in many foods. He has also highlighted the importance of taking care of one's lifestyle, especially with regard to having a eating as healthy as possibleavoiding excess empty calories or foods with saturated fats, and having regular check-ups.

"If within a maximum period of six months the blood pressure is not regulated after following these tips, perhaps the ideal is to introduce some type ofpharmacological help to help regularize these figures because the sooner we do it, the better it will be for us. Hypertension evolves over the years and its main incidence is in the heartin the brainin the kidneysor in the eyesand it can affect us", defended Dr. Pallarés.

Apart from the aforementioned, he also reiterated that hypertension does not show symptoms while it progresses, but it does when it is already very advanced, and can manifest as a heart attack, peripheral arterial disease, kidney failure, or hypertensive retinopathy that can cause blindness. "Another problem with hypertension is that it never comes alone, but it can be accompanied by cholesterol i of diabetes", he explained. The doctor has indicated that in the pregnancyIf there have been problems with high blood pressure (eclampsia or pre-eclampsia), or high blood sugar, follow-up should be attempted because cardiovascular disease in these women develops more seriously and at younger ages.

When measuring it, the doctor has recommended do it calmly. If you are a smoker, he has said, that it is not necessary to do it in the previous hour, nor to exercise in the previous 10 minutes, and never settle for the first reading, "if there are three better, sitting well, without crossing your legs". For him, "the ideal is to take the last two measurements and make an average. This figure is the one that if we go to the family doctor later, it is the one that will have the most value, much more than measuring it in the Emergency Room or in a health center urgently," Pallarés has sentenced.

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