The Navarrese primary sector demands “respect” and its recognition as an “essential” activity

UAGN, EHNE and UCAN they have demanded “respect for the rural world in general and the primary sector in particular, with the recognition of essential to the farmer and rancher in their task of supplying food”.

Nail 2,000 people have demonstrated through the streets of Pamplona, ​​according to the organization, although the Municipal Police has estimated some 1,500. In addition, 210 tractors have also supported this call.

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Representatives of the three organizations have delivered a document with their demands to the Government delegate, José Luis Arasti, while abroad these people defended the motto #TogetherFortheField.

Félix Bariáin (UAGN), Fermín Gorraiz (EHNE) and José María Martínez (UCAN) have requested an urgent shock plan due to the high production costs that endanger the continuity of professionals in the sector; comply with the recently renewed food chain law; ensure employment and generational change; facilitate access to land and reform taxation.


The Merindades square has once again recalled the image of two years ago, before Pedro Sánchez declared a state of alarm due to the pandemic. Once again, the primary sector has allowed itself to be heard and has demanded a family model regardless of its production system, supported by cooperatives that stop depopulation.

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The three organizations have asked to link the calls for aid and beneficiaries of the agri-food PERTE to respect for the Food Chain Law; and a CAP and a Rural Development Plan that guarantee “fair income and sustainable production”. They have also demanded that “imports comply with the regulations in force in the EU.”

Farmers and ranchers have not forgotten the last floods in December last year that caused millionaire losses in the field. To prevent this situation from repeating itself, they believe it is necessary to “promote comprehensive water management agreed with the agricultural sector.”


Another hot topic is the uncontrolled increase in hunting fauna that causes damage to crops. UAGN, EHNE and UCAN have proposed promoting sustainable hunting and a shock plan to finance the damage and thus continue with the activity.

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Finally, they have exposed to equate the pensions of the first sector to the rest of the groups.

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