The municipal majority asks for explanations for the finger contracts in Pamplona

The municipal majority that make up the Pamplona City Council EH Bildu, PSN and Geroa Bai have asked Navarra Suma for explanations about the three contracts awarded by hand to the office of the brother of the councilor and deputy mayor, María Caballero.

One days after Joseba Asirón revealed the existence of these 3 contracts and the immediate response of the government team threatening to go to court, the matter has crept into the plenary session this Thursday after a self-amendment by Bildu to a proposal that it had previously presented on the loss of “democratic quality” in the City Council.

I have needed a recess after the protest of the mayan mayor understanding that it was not pertinent and an emergency meeting of the Board of Spokespersons, where the three progressive formations have asserted their majority.

Joseba Asiron has been in charge of opening the debate, with a harsh intervention in which he has accused the Mayan mayor and the government team of “to lie” since “the finger contracts denounced were not given to a lawyer, as the City Council tried to justify, but to the law firm of which the brother of the mayor María Caballero is a partner, as evidenced by both the invoices and the resolutions of the payments ” .

He has questioned the version given by Navarra Suma to try to justify these contracts, since “it hides important details that illustrate the relations of this firm” and has said that “the press release used indicates that the contracts were with one of the partners the alcan law firmin reference to Alberto Anderezbut it ignores the past of this professional as a freely appointed position in the Government of Navarra under the mandate of UPN and by direct appointment, precisely, of María Caballero’s brother”.

In his opinion, “trying to hide these links between the beneficiary law firm and the current Councilor for Social Services of the City Council, and between the protagonists of these contracts and the main party of Navarra Suma only increases suspicions that, behind everything this, there is something very cloudy”.

In his second turn of intervention, Asiron has enumerated a long list of resolutions of the Navarre Administrative Court against the City Council for denying information to opposition groups.

“This despotic face is one more ingredient of his way of understanding politics” he pointed out in reference to the Mayan mayor.

On behalf of Navarra Suma has intervened Anna Elizalde, who has used his entire first speech to criticize Bildu and the quadripartite, from the inauguration of Joseba Asiron as mayor to the resignation of Joxe Abaurrea. “The loss of democratic quality has been the arrival of Bildu” pointed out the councilor.

In his second shift, Elizalde has dedicated himself to berating PSN and Geroa Bai for supporting Bildu’s proposals and has assured that the City Council has hired other law firms.

Maite Esporrin (PSN) has asked about the reasons that led the government team to award three contracts to the firm of Caballero’s brother and if the same has happened with other firms.

“It’s something very serious” commented the socialist spokeswoman, who has described the hiring with these terms: “It is legal as it is a minor contract, but it is not ethical or aesthetic to award the office of the brother of a councilor.”

In his second turn to speak, Esporrín has revealed María Caballero’s attempt to avoid this afternoon’s debate by replacing it with an appearance next week in Commission, to which the Socialists have opposed since the opposition has less time to their interventions than the appearing party.

Patxi Leuza (Geroa Bai) has regretted that the government team has avoided giving explanations and that it has dedicated itself to putting the fan with other cases.

Partisan use of the City Council Communication service

The councilor of the progressive coalition has also criticized the City Council for issuing an official note on the contracts to the office of Caballero’s brother with false data.

Asiron has advanced that his group registered for its debate on Tuesday in the Presidency Commission a statement in which it demands responsibilities for the “gross” use that Navarra Suma has made of the City Council’s communication service to “try to justify” these hirings.

For Bildu’s spokesman, “it is very serious that it is used partisan and distorting way a Communication Service, who does an extraordinary job in his day to day. We believe that they should be given explanations and purge the due responsibilitiess, so that we can know who is behind the directive that this press release be issued in those terms and under those criteria”.

Esporrín regretted that the government team used public media to defend a councilor and do it with falsehoods.

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