The Javierada returns less massive but with renewed enthusiasm

More than 5,600 Pilgrims from all over the geography of Navarra participated this Saturday in the first Javierada of 2022, which resumes its activity after the second Javierada was suspended in 2020 and 2021 as a result of the pandemic. This year also coincides with the 400th anniversary of the canonization of Saint Francis Xavier.

KNOW MORE The Javieradas are resumed after 2 years suspended by the covid

This year’s edition is celebrated under the motto Walking together with Javier and, for the first time and with the intention of extending it every year, it is linked to a Navarrese missionary and a missionary project. Thus, this edition has proposed to support, with the contributions of those who participate in the meeting, the project of the Javieran missionary Ángel de la Victoria León, which consists of the construction of a church in Tabatinga, Brazil.

Despite the recovery of the Javierada, this edition has specific measures for covid-19. In this way, the use of masks will be mandatory during the Way of the Cross and Eucharist on the esplanade of the castle. Access and exit points from the esplanade will be defined, and the central corridors will be extended to two meters. The starting point of the via crucis will be advanced about 500 meters so that there is distance between the participants. In addition, the overnight stay for the groups has been canceled the night before the first Javierada in Sangüesa. In the Eucharist, Communion will be given only in the hand and the number of concelebrants at the altar will be limited to maintain distance.

Security and care

Red Cross organized a device of more than 200 volunteers with 23 service posts (19 fixed and 4 mobile) distributed throughout the Ribera, Middle Zone and North Zone. The fleet of vehicles was made up of 9 ambulances, 5 SUVs, 17 auxiliary vehicles, 1 minibus, 4 motorcycles and 1 quad, both for assistance and material management, storage, communications, personnel transport, etc.

The attention provided by the Red Cross until one in the afternoon in the different positions that it has installed for the Javierada were reduced by more than 80% compared to the data of 2019, the last year in which these pilgrimages were not affected by the pandemic. The descent coincides with the lower influx of pilgrims that was seen this morning on the roads that lead to Javier. Until 7:00 p.m., the Red Cross carried out a total of 120 attentions in the first Javierada of 2022, which means 414 fewer attentions than in the first Javierada of 2019, the last one held normally. Only one person needed transfer to a medical center.

The president of the Red Cross Burlada, Fernando Cafruni, confirmed that, during the morning and noon, there were hardly any incidents. This contrasts with previous years, in which it was common for volunteers to treat “foot injuries, fainting spells, mild fainting, blisters and other minor ailments”.

Today, starting at 08:00 a.m., Javier’s stall will be reopened until 1:00 p.m. The device will be terminated once all the units and volunteer personnel have reached their points of origin after the celebration of mass in Javier and the return operation.

For its part, the Association of Olympic Volunteers of Navarra (Asvona) reinstalled the free refreshment stand at the Judas point of sale where it offered fresh fruit, broth, coffee and hot chocolate, refreshing drinks, juices and water, sweets, assorted sandwiches, dairy products and snacks. The opening hours in the first javierada were from 10 am to 6 pm, and in the second javierada it will be from 9 am to 4 pm.


The Navarra Red Cross Environmental Plan He also participated in the Javierada raising awareness about a “sustainable walk”, emphasizing the importance of caring for the environment and promoting recycling. To do this, they installed recycling bins at the Venta Judas, Liédena and Javier stalls in order to collect plastic, paper or other polluting materials and reduce the ecological footprint. Selective bags have also been installed in the rest of the stalls.

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