The ingenious pulla that Almudena Cid releases to Christian Glvez

The courtship, already confirmed by both, of Christian Gálvez and Patricia Pardo not only focuses the spotlight on both Mediaset presenters, but also indirectly turns the involuntary protagonist into Almudena Cid. The Vitorian, who has been Gálvez’s partner for 14 years (and they have been married since 2010), tries to stay out of it and focus on the success she is having in the theater.

But within her discretion and the few words she has addressed to the reporters, who tirelessly persecute her these days, she has been able to respond in an original way, without getting wet but at the same time letting out a taunt to your ex-partner: “Passo word”, responded with a smile to journalists when they questioned her about her ex-husband. We assume that those words were conscious and that they referred to the program that Christian Gálvez presented for so many years on Telecinco.

Although the reporters found her response very original and wanted to find out more about how she was living the declarations of love that they dedicated to each other on Instagram, the former gymnast did not want to delve into the subject and simply added: “I’m taking care of myself and I only look out for myself.”

In the absence of signing the divorce, the theoretical cordial relationship that both maintained after they stopped living together collapses under its own weight: Almudena Cid stopped following her ex-husband on social networks a few days ago and he counterattacked shortly after, deleting all the photos in which they were together from his Instagram account.

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