The family of Xisca Perelló and Rafa Nadal send a serious notice about the baby

Rafael Nadal Yo Xisca Perello They form a well-matched marriage and, after 15 years together, they had the illusion of having their first child. Both had been looking for the moment for Xisca Perelló to get pregnant for some time and the final stretch of Rafa Nadal's career has been ideal to look for that long-awaited baby.

The young Mallorcan became pregnant in early 2022 and, when it seemed that her pregnancy was going from strength to strength, she was concerned about certain complications in the pregnancy. A setback that made her stay for several weeks in a private hospital in Majorca.

  1. Xisca Perelló and her husband, alarmed after becoming parents
  2. The notice of a known Christmas relative after the birth of Xisca Perelló
  3. “It will be complicated being away from your son”

Xisca Perelló and her husband, alarmed after becoming parents

Despite this mishap, Rafa Nadal did not separate at any time, until he had to travel to the Open of the USA. Luckily, after being eliminated midway through the tournament, Rafa flew hours later to Majorca for being with his girlfriend in the last weeks before giving birth.

Photomontage of Xisca Perelló and Rafa Nadal

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After the scare that Rafa and Xisca had, finally, on October 8, the Majorcan woman gave birth to the couple's first child, Rafa Jr. Both were very happy to see how the birth was not complicated and, finally, they managed see the face of his first son; an image they had been craving for months.

After giving birth, hardly any details of the state of Christmas or Perelló have been known. The tennis player from Manacor published a brief tweet last weekend in which he made it clear that everyone was fine and that there was nothing to worry about after the baby was born.

The notice of a known Christmas relative after the birth of Xisca Perelló

In recent hours, Rafa's uncle, Toni Nadal, has also spoken about the situation of the Balearic and his wife after the arrival of the child in the world, knows that this will be an important change in the lives of both. Of course, he is clear that his relative will continue playing tennis until the body tells him enough.

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Let us remember that Toni Nadal was his coach during the first stage of the tennis player's career from Manacor and in the last stretch of his career it was Carlos Moyá, a former tennis player and friend of the athlete, who has acted as coachand with whom he has achieved numerous successes.

The Christmas relative has confirmed that everything has gone well in a few sincere words to Mallorca Daily Bulletin. "Both Rafa and Xisca are very happy."

“It will be complicated being away from your son”

“She has had to rest in recent weeks, but it was not bad at all. Rafa is fine and very excited, I'm sure he's going to be a great father », explained Toni.

Photomontage of Rafa Nadal and Xisca Perelló.


On whether he sees his family member prepared to combine the work of father and work on the tennis courts, Toni stated the following. "He will lead the world of sports and fatherhood with total normality, he is nobody special, many other athletes such as footballers also do it", he has confessed.

Finally, Rafa's uncle has been clear when assessing how the athlete will feel when he has to spend a few weeks without seeing his son. “When I go to Australia for the first time it will be difficult to be away from his son. Of course, he knows that this is the price he must pay, "he said.

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