The contest returns to choose the Sanfermines poster, with a prize of 6,000 euros

Behind the suspension of the call in 2020 and the impossibility of celebrating the Sanfermines last year, the Pamplona City Council convenes the Competition of posters from San Fermin 2022, to choose the image that will represent the holidays after two years of absence. the poster winner will have a prize of 6,000 euros, compared to 3,600 in the last contest held. The submission period will open at the moment in which the Official Gazette of Navarra publishes the call and will end at 2:00 p.m. on April 1.

This edition incorporates several novelties. On the one hand, the mixed election of the poster is maintained, since a technical jury will be in charge of making a pre-selection and, on the chosen works, the popular vote will be opened. However, if in years prior to that vote only eight works were chosen, this time the number has been increased to ten finalists. On the other hand, the procedure for the presentation of works will be done exclusively electronically, through the website, the Consistory has informed.

Once the submission period is open, interested persons must submit their poster proposal and their participation data, filling in an online form available on the website’s home page under the title ‘San Fermín Poster Contest’. Only one poster may be presented by an individual or group of people, never by legal entities. In addition, the authorship of the poster may not be made public at any time during the contest process until its final resolution.


The poster must be original and unpublished and of free technique. It is important to emphasize that the digital file that is presented will be considered the final work. The image must show the poster in a vertical format of 70 cm wide x 100 cm high. In addition to the artistic creation developed, the poster must show the city’s coat of arms and the texts: San Fermín, 2022, Pamplona/Iruña, From July 6 to 14/Uztailaren 6tik 14ra.

As for the shield, it can be included with the design used by the Pamplona City Council in its official logo (in its color or monochrome version) but without the legend that accompanies it. This design can be downloaded from the website It is also possible that the author of the poster represents it with his own design, as long as it is recognizable and identifiable, and all the elements of it are properly represented.

Specifically, it will be necessary to incorporate the passing lion and, above it, the royal crown, surrounded by the chains of Navarra as a border, and, above it, another royal crown. This possible new design can be made according to the official colors of the shield, but also in white monochrome, black monochrome, or in the shades that are related to the proposed poster, provided that it does not distort or contradict the meaning of the original.


The form enabled for registration It can be filled out in three languages: Spanish, Basque and English. It must include personal data (name, surnames, place of birth, address…), a brief professional career of the artist and the data of the poster, such as the motto and a brief description, including the theoretical development of the concept and the elements of the poster.

In addition, a single file will be attached in JPG format (the system will not accept files with other extensions) and measures: 820 x 1171 pixels, with a resolution of 72 pixels/inch. The size of the image will be a maximum of 2 MB.

However, once the form has been completed, it will be necessary to confirm participation in the contest, by replying to an email sent for this purpose. The email will contain a summary of the data of the form (name and surnames, identification document and slogan of the poster). If the candidate is satisfied with the data, they must validate them to finalize the registration. In a second email, you will be provided with the escrow number linked to the slogan of the poster and the identification document. This email will constitute your proof of participation in the contest, the City Council has specified.

Although a low-resolution file is submitted in this selection phase, the author or co-authors must guarantee that the original file has sufficient resolution to be able to be printed at full size if their poster is the winner.

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