Taking the purchase to the car seats, a danger that can end in a fine

go do the purchase in car It is a technique that is usually used when you want to make a large load of products and food. Normally, the trunk is used to put the bags, but if it is small or already heavily loaded, it is also normal to put them in the rear seats. Well, as noted by the General direction of traffic (DGT) is dangerous and can lead to a fine.

The rule is found in article 14 of the general traffic regulations and says that the load transported in a vehicle must be arranged and secured in such a way that it cannot be dragged by the car, fall totally or partially or move in a dangerous way. In addition, he explains that it must also be fixed so that it does not compromise the stability of the car, does not make noise and does not leave dust that could compromise the driving.

It is clear, then, that as the bosses they cannot be restrained as stated in the norm, taking them to the rear seats is dangerous, but it can also carry a sanction. Depending on gravity, it plus can go from 80 to 200 euros, as stated in the State official newsletter (BOE). But, above all, the most compromising factor is that of danger. And it is that in an accident the force with which a product can hit the person is multiplied up to 40 times.

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