Scam 75,000 euros impersonating the identity of its victims in several banks

The Mossos d'Esquadra A 45-year-old woman has been arrested in Ruby accused of eight alleged continuing crimes of fraud and usurpation of identity and use of authentic document without being legitimized. In this sense, the Catalan police began an investigation after detecting cases since last August in several banking entities following the same method.

As explained by the Mossos, the detainee used DNIs that she had stolen and that belonged to clients of the bank where she carried out the operations. With the documentation, she went to an office and, pretending to be the victim, made refunds or ordered bank transfers. Between the end of August and October she would have carried out operations worth more than 74,000 euros in total.

The arrest of the accused took place on October 17. After going to court, the detainee was released with charges.

  1. The 'modus operandi' of the arrested
  2. previous arrests

The 'modus operandi' of the arrested

The detainee, before carrying out the bank transactions, went to a different office from the one in which she intended to commit the crime to check if the holder of the stolen document had accounts in that entity and to find out their balance. To make identification difficult, the woman did not always act in the banks themselves and in some cases she even acted outside of Catalonia.

This occurred on September 7, when he went to a bank in a municipality in Albacete and made a transfer of almost 49,000 euros. Another important operation was carried out on September 16, when he made a transfer of almost 15,000 euros from Sant Fruitós del Low.

previous arrests

Since the first facts were known, in Barcelona at the end of August, and until the moment of his detention On October 17, the detainee transferred or made cash refunds amounting to more than 74,000 euros. She had previously been arrested for acts similar to Madrid —on September 1— and in Manresa —September 22—

In the latter case, she tried to make a transfer with a stolen DNI in the name of another woman for an amount of 29,000 euros, but the bank office noticed the identity theft and notified 112.

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