Sara Carbonero reveals who is the man who got her pregnant

Sarah Carbonero He has seen again how his ex was news after the controversy over that tweet that was not funny to the LGTBI collective: «I hope they respect me, I'm gay. Happy Sunday." These words from the exporter of the real Madrid caused an earthquake on Twitter.

Seeing the stir that was formed on social networks, the ex-husband of Sarah Carbonero He decided to delete it and create a version that few believed about that controversial tweet: he attributed the publication of this inappropriate message to a hack of his account. A message that has caused him to lose more than three million followers on his social networks.

  1. Sara Carbonero stunned by the return of her ex
  2. Sara Carbonero's ex explodes against his critics in the worst way
  3. An ex-partner that interests, and a lot, the pink press

Sara Carbonero stunned by the return of her ex

This tweet, which former Barça player Carles Puyol responded to, also in a rather unfortunate way, made Casillas flee and not understand the consequences of his actions. Minutes after deleting the message, Casillas reappeared on social networks to confess his version. He said that he had suffered identity theft on this social network.

"Careful hacked. Luckily, everything in order. Apologies to all my followers and of course more apologies to the LGBT community," the message read. The truth is that he wanted to clean up the mess he had caused himself a few hours before.

Photomontage of Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas


Sara Carbonero's ex explodes against his critics in the worst way

After receiving so much criticism, the ex of Sarah Carbonero He went away for a few days to disconnect from the media noise. Nothing better than Greece to rest and, perhaps, reflect on all that commotion of his controversial tweet. The fact is that after a week of almost total silence on the networks, Iker has returned and has done so in a way that few people expected.

He has returned with thirteen are thirteen that the version he told then about that ironic tweet in which he revealed his alleged homosexuality was totally real. Thus, the soccer exporter has complained and has shared an allegation in which he defends that people can do what they want despite criticism. He knows that it is useless to tell one version or another, since he claims that it will always be altered by one or the other.

The truth is that Casillas revealed himself this Saturday, October 15, when he published another controversial tweet. In this one, he wanted to record that he is not affected by criticism and he did not back down after what happened a few days ago.

Iker Casillas' first plan

| Catalonia Daily

“And they will criticize you for who you are, for who you are not, and for who they think you are. Surely, also because of what you do or what you stop doing. And finally, for what you say or don't say. You, live, c***ons », he has written Iker Casillas so much a Instagram like a Twitter.

An ex-partner that interests, and a lot, the pink press

However, the former soccer player has caused a real rain of reactions from many celebrities in our country. Among those who have supported Iker are Cristina PedrochePepe Reina and Joaquin Sanchez.

After the separation, the life of Sarah Carbonero Yo Iker Casillas it has been followed in detail by the paparazzi and the pink press. The end of love between this media couple came more than a year ago and they announced it through a brief statement. Our love as a couple takes different paths, but not far, because we will continue together in the wonderful work of being dedicated parents. Just as we have done so far."

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