Sara Carbonero, concerned about the last gesture that distances her from her children

Sarah Carbonero don't know where to hide. Since the confirmation of the breakup ofIker Casillas Yo Sarah Carbonero, the footballer has been involved in quite a few controversies with the media, since the athlete continues to launch indirect via Twitter. The last one could endanger the relationship he maintains with the mother of his children.

  1. Sara Carbonero and the footballer's messages after the breakup
  2. The new hints that could affect his relationship with Sara

Sara Carbonero and the footballer's messages after the breakup

On March 12 of last year, both sent a message to their networks to announce their breakup. After a few months of speculation about the alleged separation, the footballer ended up confirming it with an emotional text in Instagram.

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"Both Sara and I feel enormously proud of the family we are, of being able to share what has filled us with happiness during these years of union," confessed the former Madrid player.

Thus, despite confirming their breakup that spring of 2021, Casillas and Sara seemed to get along quite well. Although they did not share moments together and rebuilt their lives separately, everything indicated that they continued to maintain a cordial relationship. In fact, Sara continues to congratulate the soccer player on her birthday through her networks.

This summer, while the goalkeeper was on vacation in the Balearic Islands, decided to launch a shocking message. All this as a result of the controversy created by the media during the first vacations without Sara. «No phone, do not disturb». This seemed to mean that she wouldn't be using her cell phone for a while, all to avoid reading the constant headlines about the first vacation without Sara.

While, Sarah Carbonero He enjoyed a vacation as a couple, since this year the journalist confirmed his relationship with Nacho Taboada. This could also have been the reason why the goalkeeper tried to silence his cell phone, thus avoiding seeing Sara's new life without him.

Image of Sara Carbonero at the concert of her boyfriend, Nacho Taboada.


Last Sunday, October 10, the footballer launched a surprising message on Twitter to his followers. "I hope they respect me, I'm gay." These alleged confessions of the ex-husband of Sarah Carbonero They surprised everyone, once again revolutionizing the networks with their enigmatic messages.

In addition, the footballer Carles Puyol, has responded "the time has come to tell our story". However, we later learned that he was a hacker who would have shared that controversial message.

The new hints that could affect his relationship with Sara

Thus, just a couple of weeks ago, we were all shocked by the goalkeeper's message. Although later he said that it was a to hack, the networks burned. On top of that, the footballer has returned to launch a mysterious message on Twitter that could refer to his relationship with Carbonero, as confirmed by some users on the networks.

Photomontage of Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas


It happened last Saturday, October 15, during the night. The ex-husband of Sarah Carbonero He published an enigmatic tweet in the early morning in which he thus showed his change of opinion about criticism, going from silencing the phone to ignoring what is said about him. “And they will criticize you for what you are, for what you are not, and for what they think you are. Surely, also because of what you do or what you stop doing. And now, finally, for what you say and for what you don't say!!! YOU LIVE, FUCK US!"

This new message from Sara's ex-husband has not left anyone indifferent. Although we do not know who it is addressed to, the footballer has been making this move for months and it seems that the goalkeeper likes to send mysterious messages to create an impact in the media.

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