Rock Shakira's sport that burns 350 calories in just one hour

Shakira She is one of the famous of the moment, and she always manages to look ideal. Her secret is none other than her interest in sports, and there is a very specific one that has her totally in love with her. It is an activity that many consider a true fat burner, since it strikes hundreds of calories every hour.

After a breakup, many people decide to spend their time taking care of themselves like never before. For this reason, it is very common that, with the intention of going back, one of the objectives is to further enhance the physical aspect. And if not, let them tell Shakira!

  1. Shakira's escape route: sport
  2. Advantages of practicing FlyBoard
  3. An ideal sport to lose weight

Shakira's escape route: sport

After the outbreak of separation with Gerard Piqué, the singer has decided to take refuge in some facets of her life that, apparently, are not going badly for her. Since her beginnings, we have all witnessed her artistic abilities that characterized her, and along with them, also her slender and muscular body.

And it is that maintaining a physique like that of Shakira it is not the result of chance. In fact, more than once he has come to confess that he follows a strict routine regarding eating habits and exercise.

Image of Gerard Pique and Shakira

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However, the singer has decided to enjoy this summer more than ever, and she has done so without losing that routine. Yes, because this time we have been able to verify that, in addition to moving her hips, she also controls the waves of the sea.

That is why he did not want to miss the opportunity to show his followers his great skill with FlyBoard, a water sport that is apparently becoming fashionable.

This discipline, still somewhat unknown, was designed in 2012 by Francky Zapata, former world champion in jet skis. Apparently, it is a very fun activity, although also somewhat sugarcane.

Advantages of practicing FlyBoard

The reasons for practicing this sport are diverse. The first and most notable is for fun: FlyBoard is a new discipline, and as such many people decide to try it to live new experiences.

However, it should also be noted that the practice of this activity is ideal for strengthening and toning the body. That's right, since with just one hour you can burn up to 350 calories.

Since the objective of this sport is to support yourself on a table that uses water as propulsion to fly, one of the most important milestones to develop is the ability to balance. Thus, controlling our body while the propulsion makes us fly is essential to be able to enjoy and carry out the activity correctly.

With this gesture, in addition to working on coordination and balance, other areas of the body are also strengthened. For example, buttock augmentation and resistance to fatigue are more than guaranteed.

In addition, the practice of this discipline is also ideal to delay aging and, therefore, to help us be in optimal health conditions. That said, we can understand one of the reasons that would explain the eternal youth of the Colombian singer.

Image of a man practicing Flyboard

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An ideal sport to lose weight

On the other hand, if we take into account all these benefits, we will see that FlyBoard could also be a great ally for all those people who want to lose weight. Its combination of strength and cardio makes it a very complete discipline. Therefore, it is not uncommon for more and more people to try it.

So, if you are also curious and want to cheer yourself up, you should keep in mind that you will need equipment and certain materials (although you can usually get them by renting them).

In general, it is usually carried out on various coasts of our country, such as Majorca, Barcelona or Alicante. But if you live in the interior, don't worry, because you also have the option of going to the San Juan Reservoir and Los Ángeles de San Rafael, in Madrid.

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