Road life buoy: what it is and legislation

The life jacket in the street is a little known safety structure but essential for the safety of pedestrians. The function of this element is studied during the preparation for the theory exam for the license, however even the licensed experts must know what it is and how to behave when you are in front of the road life jacket. Committing an offense carries a hefty fine, so it's best to be aware of the rules to follow regarding this security system. Let's see how the road life jacket works and what its usefulness is, taking into account what the legislation that regulates its presence on the street says, so as to clarify any doubts.

  1. Road life buoy: what it is and what it is for
  2. The legislation that regulates the road life jacket
  3. The rules on overtaking with the road life jacket
  4. How to recognize a road life jacket
  5. Life jacket and driver's license: the mistakes to avoid in the theory exam

Road life buoy: what it is and what it is for

The road lifesaver is a part of the road reserved for pedestrians, whose main function is to shelter people who move on foot from vehicular traffic. It is a raised part that serves to protect pedestrians, in fact it is always delimited and protected so that it is easily recognizable and protects the people who are in this area. The road life jacket can be placed near pedestrian crossings, or at stops for public transport, such as buses and trams. Being higher than the street level it is similar in some ways to a sidewalk, however it is suitably marked by a special color and visible even at night. A road life jacket allows pedestrians to safely get on and off public transport, or provides shelter for people about to cross the street while they wait for the pedestrian light to turn green. It is often found in the center of the carriageway when the pedestrian crossing is particularly extensive, to provide protection for pedestrians who cannot complete the journey at once.

The legislation that regulates the road life jacket

The reference legislation for the road life jacket is obviously the Highway Code, in particular articles 3, 143, 148 and 158 of the CdS. First of all, parking and stopping on the life jacket are not allowed for vehicles, with the exception of emergency or extreme urgency situations, which must in any case be evaluated by the authorities in charge to understand whether such behavior is punishable or not. In case of illegitimate stop or parking on the road life jacket, a fine ranging from 85 to 338 euros is foreseen for all vehicles, excluding mopeds and motorcycles for which the administrative penalty can vary from 40 to 164 euros. Depending on the seriousness of the infringement, driving license points can also be lost, with a reduction of up to 2 points from the driving license for offenders.

The rules on overtaking with the road life jacket

The presence of the life jacket on the street requires particular attention when overtaking, specifically in overtaking public transport parked for the alighting and entry of passengers. When public transport vehicles are stopped in the middle of the road, but there is no road life jacket, overtaking on the right is always prohibited. In some circumstances it is possible to overtake on the right, provided that the life jacket is present and the maneuver does not involve a danger to the safety of pedestrians. of gear. In the presence of suitable conditions it is therefore possible to overcome the parked public transport, passing both to the right and to the left of the road life jacket, unless a road sign prohibits this operation. This is the classic case of the tram stopped in the center of the carriageway to let passengers get on and off, with vehicles that can overtake the vehicle in both directions respecting the rules of the Highway Code.

How to recognize a road life jacket

The road life jacket is easily recognizable, in fact it is a small raised sidewalk bordered by a yellow and black color of the perimeter. Often it is also equipped with a vertical yellow sign, made of reflective material so that the life jacket is visible even at night and in the absence of street lighting. In some cases the road life jacket is also signaled by special luminous devices, such as columns or a steady yellow light. There may also be signs that regulate the transit of vehicles, indicating the permitted direction to cross the life jacket correctly and in complete safety for pedestrians and travelers.

Life jacket and driver's license: the mistakes to avoid in the theory exam

The road life jacket is often an element included in the questions for the theory exam of the license, in fact it is studied in the courses of the driving schools to prepare for the written test that allows you to obtain the pink sheet. Many times it puts candidates in difficulty, especially with regard to its definition and the rules relating to overtaking. In detail, the road life jacket should not be confused with other structures such as traffic islands or traffic dividers, in fact its function is not to prohibit the passage of vehicles in the marked areas, nor to divide the directions of travel, if anything, the life jacket serves to guarantee pedestrian safety when stopping or stopping in a specific area of ​​the carriageway. Likewise, the life jacket does not alter the rules governing overtaking and precedence, with the exception of the particular cases that we have seen provided for by the Highway Code. Even the overtaking of buses and trolley buses is not always allowed during the descent and boarding of passengers, but only in the cases defined by the road rules of the CdS. It should also be remembered that in the event of an accident with wrongdoing in correspondence with the life jacket, not only do you risk a fine, but the insurance does not cover damage to your vehicle. With quixa car insurance it is possible to add the Collision accessory guarantee, an additional protection to the RCA policy that allows you to be compensated for damage to your car in an accident with a car with a license plate of your own responsibility.

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