Refugees, the disasters of wars

I am interested in everything about the situation and what is happening in Ukraine after the illegal invasion of Russia, of course. It is inevitable to keep your eyes and attention there. So is spending a little time from time to time to think and reflect on what will come of this new disaster. The world to come when one way or another the war comes to an end. Worse than the current one, which is no longer good, for sure. But above all I am interested in the human cost in the present and in direct from day to day. The people who have already died in bombings or clashes, the people who have been trapped in cities, neighborhoods and towns in Ukraine without being able to escape, either because age prevents them from doing so, or because they have not been allowed to, and the people who already make up new Huge queues along paths and highways of refugees leaving behind goods, houses, family, friends and everything that makes up a life like that of any of us here.

I am interested in your words. Patriotic, militaristic and heroic speeches are part of the same war, of any war and on any of the sides, both the aggressor to justify his aggression and the attacked as an element of resistance. That too is unavoidable. But aside from this are the words of those who reflect with their personal experience the human absurdity and the immense lie of war, of all wars. More than half a million people have already been able to leave Ukraine and cross the borders, mainly from Poland, Romania or Slovakia. And when they speak, they convey the same sensations, use the same words, express the same desires as thousands of other refugees that we have seen and heard on other borders fleeing from other wars. They all communicate the deepest part of being human, things as simple and profound as fear, hope, sadness, abandonment, memories, solidarity…

That is why I am outraged by the message that highlights the European, white, blond and blue-eyed character of the Ukrainian refugees. It has been appearing in the media and in speeches little by little. An outrageous way of distinguishing some refugees from others solely because of their racial appearance, religion or the conflict they are fleeing. A dangerous speech. Racist garbage. That is, they are not Afghans, Syrians, Libyans, Africans, Yemenis, Sudanese, Iraqis, Rohingyas, Asians, Palestinians, Saharawis, Hondurans, Guatemalans, Mexicans… or migrants in any muga. Or ourselves just a few decades ago. More than 60 million. I doubt at all that those hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian men, women and children who have gone from being free citizens to being refugees share that ideological misery. There are always those who seek to obtain benefit, any type of benefit – political, financial, strategic, business – from each human episode of suffering. And wars have always been an ideal place to hunt these predators of the suffering of others.

Whatever the final result of the aggression against Ukraine and whatever its consequences, in no case will it be positive for the vast majority of the world’s citizens. There is already talk of the Third World War and I remember Einstein in the middle of the Cold War of the last century: “I don’t know what the Third World War will be like, but the Fourth will be with sticks and stones?

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