Paolo Vasile's children and wife confess that they cannot return to Spain

Paolo Vasile leaves Mediaset. The former CEO of the big chain puts an end to his time at the company. At 69, he can now concentrate on what really matters to him: his family.

The Italian businessman signed 23 years ago as a high command of the leadership of Mediaset. Now, he only has a few last months before he leaves his office for life. Thanks to his work, Vasile has forged great friendships with journalists like Anna Quintana Yo emma garcia.

Although, according to the businessman, his greatest success in life has not been in the professional field, but in the personal field. "The best thing in my life is my marriage and my wife," declared the Italian. Despite his devotion to his loved ones, he has a split life between Italy and Spain.

Paolo Vasile married Annalisa, whom he met his last year of high school. It was for her that he gave up everything he had to be. He moved from a bourgeois neighborhood to a much more humble one to live their love together. The businessman's father is Turi Vasile, former owner of the production company Ultra Films, which went under Rome by Fellini.

  1. a divided family
  2. a long distance relationship

a divided family

He and Annalisa have been married for 51 years and have three children. She encouraged him to take the job as CEO of Mediaset Spain in 1999. So this event caused the whole family to move to Madrid. However, four years later she returned to Rome. From that moment on, Ella Vasile traveled every weekend to the Italian capital without missing a single time.

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«They came a year after I was here and we lived together in Spain for four years. It was the best period of my family life, they have been wonderful years, because ours is a very normal family. We love each other and we like to be together, but my children are older and have their lives in Rome. My wife lives in Rome and I live in Madrid Monday through Friday," he explained.

This is the reason why the family has had to separate. To achieve professional success, they had to make the sacrifice of living apart. Vasile did his best to remain present in their lives, even if not permanently. “I don't have a personal life and a professional life, everything is one. I have a unilateral pact with my family. If they call me, I cut off whatever I'm doing and talk to them. But if I'm with them and they call me from work, I interrupt everything and leave, "said the Italian.

First shot of Paolo Vasile


a long distance relationship

Paolo Vasile is still in love with his wife like the first day. He has done everything possible to be able to carry on his personal life at such a distance from his loved ones. However, he does not forget who is really in charge. «She is the head at home, I don't paint anything. The only thing I hope is to have contributed to the formation of my children. I am very happy with them, but it is a task that never ends », he says.

Of course, Paolo Vasile seems to have learned from his work and knows that he must keep his private life a secret. So not much is known about his children or what they want to do. “I want them to choose freely. To discover your vocation no one should push you. It's like faith: you either have it or you don't."

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