Pamplona City Council: EH Bildu denounces contracts with the brother of the deputy mayor

EH Bildu’s spokesman in the Pamplona City Council, Joseba Asirónhas denounced this Wednesday anomalies and alleged irregularities detected in several municipal contracts.

Accompanied by councilors Maider Beloki and Endika Alonsooffered a press conference to denounce that the Pamplona City Council, through the direction of legal services, hired the services of the law firm of Pamplona on three occasions a brother of María Caballero, second deputy mayor, without justifying in any of the cases the need to outsource the order and without stating that more offers were requested.

This is clear from the files to which EH Bildu has had access, which reveal a supposed “specialization” as the only argument in favor of the firm.

“The curious thing is that it deals with three completely different matters, whose only common denominator seems to be the defense of decisions of a political nature by Navarra Suma”, Asiron explained.

The contracts were commissioned between February 2020 and October 2021 and, together, they add up to a little more than €11,000.

They have only three things in common, as revealed by Asiron: “In all of them an ordinary legal service is outsourced that could have been carried out from the municipal legal advice itself; in all three cases it deals with issues with a strong political charge, where what it defends itself, more than the interests of the City Council, they are decisions of Navarra sum and, finally, Caballero’s office is hired by hand, arguing an alleged specialization, when it comes to three completely different matters”.

The first of these contracts was signed in February 2020 to face the procedure for the collection of allowances in Comiruna. This office was contracted on behalf of the municipal public company so that the counselors, all freely appointed positions of Navarra Suma, did not return the allowances.

“The payment of 3,675 euros was agreed and there is no record of a request for any other budget,” explained the abertzale spokesman.

The second contract was signed in October 2020 to deal with the dispute opened by the paralysis of the public procedure for the Call for Secretary of the Plenary.

Councilor Maider Beloki has been in charge of contextualizing this case with those that have preceded it, such as the recovery of the diets, the episode of councilor Labaru with the crane or the horse show.

“All these cases, to which is added the one we are denouncing today, can be consulted in the newspaper archives and perfectly illustrate, and to the misfortune of all, the portrait of this legislature that will not go down in history precisely as an example of ethical virtues and policies,” said Beloki.

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