nuclear submarines of the Russian Navy begin maneuvers

The Fleet of the North of Russia It has been reported that some of its nuclear submarines are participating in exercises and that ships from naval bases located in the north of Russia are participating in training exercises.

Disarmament after the freda war

President Putin’s decision has brought to the international political scene a tipus d’armament that is considered taboo. After the freda warthe powers are going to bet on a progressive disarmament, facing that Russia and the State Units continue to have their arsenals inherited from a military strategy that conceived to destroy the enemy at any price.

The nuclear arms només s’have been used in war on two occasions, all due to the forces of the Estats Units. Els bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the desires of thousands of deaths are going to bring, to the post-conflict scene, to rethink who the green lines should be in the case of armed confrontations.

Side effects

The first resolution approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations, in 1946, will establish a commission to deal with the possible side effects of atomic energy, and from there the international community will work in favor of tangible commitments dels that, malgrat tot, the great powers have always remained suspicious.

The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Arms (TNP) is the cornerstone of these global efforts: it will enter into force in 1970 and complies with the signing of 191 countries, among which are the States Units and Russia. Other texts have also been adopted, such as the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Arms (TPAN), which will enter into force for one more year and is considered the first instrument of international humanitarian law to mitigate catastrophic humanitarian consequences derived from l’ús i l’assaig d’armament atomic.

nuclear attacks

The United Nations estimates that there have been more than 2,000 nuclear attacks and has historically insisted on leaving this type of arms outside of any political pols. The gener d’aquest any, of fet, the great nuclear powers –Estats Units, the China, Russia, Regne Unit and France– are going to sign an unprecedented communication to emphasize that the nuclear wars «cannot fight nor must they fight- I know”.

International disarmament has advanced to the beginning of geopolitics, both of which are marked by the relations and suspicions between the United States and Russia. Not in vain, those who will be rivals during the war continue to monopolize the global arms capacity in atomic matter.

New countries with nuclear arms

The International Institute of Studies for the Pau d’Stockholm (SIPRI) estimates that the new countries that have –or that are suspected– nuclear weapons total more than 13,000, a slight decrease in relation to both 2020.

Malgrat tot, the trend s’inverteix if it is tea in compte only the arms deployed in forces operatives, since in 2021 they will increase slightly, ends to exceed 3,800. Some 2,000 –practically totes a Russia and the State Units– It is maintenance in which it is connected with a high operational alert status, it is, in other words, more easily deployable in case of travel.

You bind 180 ogives

In the case of Russia, SIPRI points out that it will increase the general nuclear arsenal by about 180 warships, mainly through the deployment of more multi-warfare intercontinental land-based ballistic missiles (ICBM) and submarine land-based ballistic missiles (SLBM).

The Swedish Institute has clarified that, despite these figures, the strategic atomic forces deployed by the two great powers are facing the Treaty for the Reduction of Offensive Strategic Arms (Nou START), signed in 2010 by Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev” class=”linkcopy”> Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedevwho at that time were presidents of the States Units and Russia, respectively.

A past “perillos”

The current tenant of the White House, Joe Biden, has admitted that the last donation by Putin in the middle of the military offensive against Ukraine is “perilós”, altogether not definitive. In this sense, this past week he has assenyalat that now for now he is not perceived as a nuclear threat and that his Government has abandoned him for vigilance without raising the level of alert. However, Biden has warned that Putin “will pay a high price” for the invasion of Ukraine.

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