Norma Duval and her boyfriend announce that it's over

Norma Duval and her husband are enjoying from home the appearance of the vedette in the latest edition of Celebrity MasterChef. She had become one of the top hopefuls on the show, though all is not as pretty as it seems.

And it is that the employment relationship with the program has already ended. Duval has become the sixth expelled from the famous reality.

Fernando Andina was the surprising fifth eliminated from this edition, the actor was one of the great favorites to win the award of the reality. In this last program, the elimination test consisted of replicating a plate with 75 minutes. With an essential ingredient: love.

With such a test, the team at kitchen master must have a guest to match. And this was Eduardo Navarrete.

The designer appeared dressed as Cupid to distribute harmony between the opponents. In addition, it was he who explained the procedure to be followed in this important test.

  1. The vedette throws in the towel
  2. Norma Duval says goodbye

The vedette throws in the towel

Norma Duval has been hit by pressure and nervousness, ingredients that can only play tricks on you. So it was.

«I have been traumatized by not achieving it. I have never had a moment of so much stress, I have never had a moment of so much nerves.

"That's the most amazing experience I've ever had in my life," the actress said gratefully.

Norma got the black apron through María Escoté. The designer decided to give it to her, since the vedette had never gone through such a test. In addition to her mismanagement as captain in one of the previous tests.

Official image of Norma Duval in 'Masterchef'

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And this has not played anything in favor of the artist, since he has had to hang the aforementioned apron directly. Of course, this has been one of the most beautiful television adventures that the dancer has experienced.

For his part, Pepe Barroso became the best of the race. The model, when he presented the dish, moved Pepe, Samantha and Jordi with his words.

«There has been a before and after in me thanks to the mother of my son. I want to dedicate this triumph to all the mothers, who spend many hours on it and sometimes we don't see it," said the contestant.

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The model has explained a small scuffle he had with his partner. "Yesterday Gara and I had a little scuffle in the wee hours of the morning with the child crying and under a lot of stress," he explained.

“He picked up the child, got up and left. I told him I didn't want him to do it again », she said with great sensitivity.

"I want to be a part of everything she's going through, so that's for her," he concluded. And it is that Gara has changed her perception of the family and has managed to make her not so afraid of forming one of her own.

Norma Duval says goodbye

The artist did not have a good connection with his companions in the last program. She had to be captain of the team event, however, her teammates did not feel her support.

So this time, Norma has had to take over the kitchen for all three teams at once. And although she has taken it with humor, the singer really wanted to finish.

«I have a mental empanada with all the dishes...», he said. And at her farewell, he spoke some very emotional words for the program.

«It is a miracle, I thought that I would leave that world without touching a saucepan. Thanks to kitchen master my children have seen me cooking.”

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