Nil Moliner: “Pamplona is my second home and it’s incredible to start the tour here”

The concert this Friday will be his sixth time in Pamplona since he performed for the first time in Subsuelo, back in 2018. Since then, Nil Miller (San Feliú de Llobregat, 1992) has been growing in stages and capacity, going through Indara, Zentral, Baluarte and Ciudadela, until arrive to Navarre Arena. The pavilion will host the kick off our madness tourthe tour with which the Catalan musician will present his second album live, A secret to scream at (2021). And starting in the Navarran capital, she says, makes her especially excited: “It’s my second home.”

Just a few hours before you embark on our madness toura tour that for the first time takes you to large venues such as the Navarra Arena, are there nerves, desire, enthusiasm… all at the same time?
–Everything at the same time: very excited, also very nervous€ We have everything very well prepared and I am also looking forward to meeting again with the whole family, which in the end is a very large venue and I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

Barramos for home: you have chosen Pamplona as the city to start the tour, is that a symptom of how well you have been received by these lands?
Yes, the truth is that I have had a very good reception. Pamplona is now my second home, if we’ve even finished tours there… And this is going to be the sixth time I’ve played in Pamplona. It’s amazing for me to start the tour here.

If we look back, we see how much the project has changed and grown: what do you think remains of that Nil Moliner who in 2018 blew up the Subsuelo room in what was his first concert in the capital of Navarra?
-It has changed a lot, but in reality it hasn’t changed that much because at heart we are the same ones who get up on stage every night. In Subsuelo there were three of us and now there are more than thirty of us in the family and yes you have to be ambitious, want to go further… but the spirit is the same.

Now he returns to present his second album, A secret to scream at. And yes, in this job she has yelled and sung at a secret, but what has she kept quiet?
–(Laughter). I keep quiet a few things, the truth. In the end, writing is a way of doing therapy. I always say that writing saves your life and I keep quiet about a few things because that is part of the therapy. And share it too.

For example there we have Maybe, a theme that he published together with Rayden and that has the migratory drama of the Mediterranean as its protagonist. And now, when you see the war in Ukraine, what comes to mind?
–Unfortunately, Maybe it’s a song that will last. In the end, the migration crisis is something that unfortunately we are going to live with for a long time and we are seeing that now. It can be applied to all migration crises.

The “buenrollista” label usually accompanies your music, but does this second album bite or puncture a little, with songs like I will be here or the air that kills me?
–On this second album there are more heartbreaking songs or equally cruder themes that have cost me more to write€ It is also the grace of this second album, which is an annex to the first, but it does speak more about me from within.

It shows the shadows and the lights, as is life itself.

In fact, he closed 2021 with a social media post in which he was seen crying and released this message: “I’ve cried, Mr. Instagram & Mr. Postureo.” Do we live in a world fueled by social networks and where it seems that there are only good times?
-It is true that I have spent a very hard year, like many people for other things. And showing it seems to make you weaker and that in social networks you always have to show the good part and not at all: whenever I can, I show the most vulnerable Nil. The Nil that would never show? I show it no problem.

“I promise you one of the best nights of your life” is one of the messages he has used to promote this new tour. How much do you have to rehearse for that?
–(Laughs) There is a lot of sacrifice, really. We have rehearsed very hard and we have been weeks without sleep. We are more than thirty people working at the foot of the canyon so that everything turns out impressive on the night of the Arena and on all the nights that remain. It will be a Show in full rule and I hope that people get excited and, above all, that they disconnect from this crazy world that we are seeing.

For those who have not seen him live, what word would define the concert that we are going to find in the Arena?
-The name of the tour is quite accurate because the word madness is very much in keeping with the live show. The people who can come to the Arena, when they leave, they will have gone through all the moods and that’s cool because, in the end, it’s crazy (laughs).

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