Mollet del Vallès calls out ‘No to war’ to Ukraine

Hundreds of people are going to concentrate Sundays in the afternoon davant the House of the Vila de Mollet del Vallès (Vallès Oriental) in support to the population of Ukraine. Calls for municipal entities with Federation of Municipalities of Catalonia (FMC), the leading role will be for the Ukrainian community that saw Mollet, formed by its own of about 200 people.

In this way, the Municipality of Mollet del Vallès is going to join the call to say ‘No to war in Ukraine’ and condemn the Russian invasion. The carriers of the Ukrainian community will be Mollet’s mila i irinawhich will demand the end of the war started by Russia.

The municipal associations are going to add to the declaration made by other local entities, with the declaration of the Catalan Fund for Development Cooperation and the Xarxa d’Alcaldes i Alcaldesses per la Pau de Catalunyain defense of peace.

In the institutional declaration, it is going to denounce and condemn the acts and violation of International Law, as well as the Minsk agreements of 2014 and the Charter of the United Nations per part of the Russian Federation. Així mateix, he will demand the immediate cessament of the hostilities abans that is multiplying the number of victims, also with the return of the troops to the internationally recognized territory of Russia.

From the City Council also remember that who made the contributions of help to make the income in the open comptes of the Catalan Fund for Development Cooperation: that of the BBVA (ANAVEN code: ES91 0182 6035 4102 0160 8531) and CaixaBank (ANAVEN code: ES79 2100 3200 9625 0002 9627).

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