María José Campanario shows how her body has changed since leaving the hospital

Mary Joseph Campanario He has not had any problem publicly showing the changes that his body has undergone since he left the hospital. In addition to the recent part of her, Jesulín de Ubrique's wife has had to deal with the effects of her painful illness.

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On July 7, 2022, the dentist and the bullfighter welcomed Hugo, their third child. There is no doubt that the birth of the child filled the family with love and joy, something that they themselves expressed in their long-awaited exclusive.

After having been missing for months from the media spotlight, Mary Joseph Campanario and her husband decided to offer an interview in the magazine Hello!. «We could not have had a better gift for these twenty years than the baby […] Having another child has been a fantastic gift. We are in great joy. It is very good, we have been very lucky, “they assured at the time.

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And, although there is no doubt that this unexpected pregnancy has marked a before and after in this well-known clan, the truth is that Mary Joseph Campanario He has not been able to enjoy himself as much as he would have liked. It is no secret to anyone that Julia Janeiro's mother has been fighting one of the most painful diseases for years and that, at this time, no care or treatment has yet been found to minimize its effects.

María José Campanario has experienced a great change

During the nine months of gestation, Mary Joseph Campanario he had to be extremely careful with his health. For this reason, as a result of his illness, the birth of little Hugo had to be scheduled.

Although the dentist and her son were safe at all times, during the last days, the wife of jesus january She had to be hospitalized at the San Juan Grande hospital in Jerez de la Frontera. According to what she has revealed to the media in our country, the symptoms of her illness increased considerably, causing great pain on television.

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Fortunately, his income did not last long and Mary Joseph Campanario He was soon discharged from the hospital to finish recovering from that episode of fibromyalgia with his loved ones. At that time, neither the bullfighter nor her daughter Julia wanted to comment on the matter, since the dentist has always preferred to treat her illness in the strictest privacy. According to digital media such as shows Spain, The discretion of the family in relation to this issue reaches such a point that, today, no document has been released to the press that proves this information.

Among the symptoms that a fibromyalgia sufferer may experience are physical pain throughout the body, sleep disorders, and even anxiety or depression.

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During his commented interview for the magazine of the greeting, Mary Joseph Campanario She assured that, during the pregnancy, she had gained a few kilos, but everything indicates that this is the least of her worries right now.

“I have not gained more than ten kilos during pregnancy, but I weighed a little more than a while ago due to the medication,” he assured during this report, noting that the pills to control his illness had also contributed to his weight gain.

“I will have a year to go back to my weight, but honestly, it is what matters least to me. Now I am happy with life, I have the most beautiful in the world," he said. Mary Joseph Campanario next.

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