María Casado cries for her program and receives the beautiful words of Pedro Ruiz: “Numbers are not the soul of life”

Mary Married has been at the forefront of a new installment of ‘The three doors’ and has received José Sacristán, Beatriz Luengo, Yotuel, Raquel Sánchez Silva and Pedro Ruiz.

The presenter spoke first with the current host of ‘masters of sewing’, Rachel Sanchez Silvawith whom he remembered his beginnings in news.

This was followed by an interview with Joseph Sacristan. The actor was awarded with the Goya of Honor in the last edition of the awards in Valencia, and chatted with Casado about the cinema of before and now.

Casado crossed the next door with Beatriz Luengo and Yotuel who revealed how their love arose in the series ‘A step forward’ and they told the secrets of their relationship although they admitted that they argue when they compose.

to finish, Maria sat down with Pedro Ruizwith whom the Catalan ended up breaking up.


María Casado and Pedro Ruiz reflected during your talk About the moment that TV goes through.

Ruiz is one of the important names in the business and he did not hesitate to give his opinion on the evolution of the programming of the generalist channels.

Peter Ruiz ended up going from interviewee to interviewer and wanted to know if there was something that worried the presenter of ‘The three doors’.

the journalist couldn’t help but get excited She answered visibly affected that she was worried about “this program”before collapsing completely.

Married assured thatdue to poor audience data, I didn’t know if the format could go ahead or it would be canceled in the future.

Peter Ruizmoved by the presenter’s reaction, tried to cheer her up making a nice thought.

Smile. It is much more difficult to detoxify than to intoxicate. The media now offers more money to litter than to clean. They offer you a lot of money for putting you on an island and do I don’t know what things. But for cleaning they find it much easier. No, gentlemen, it is much more difficult to clean than to dirty. AND has much more merit. This program cleans. It will have the audience that it has, but numbers are not the soul of life“, He sentenced before a Casado with eyes full of tears.

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