Macron will keep contact with Putin to try to get him to abandon the war

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, He has told you that he will keep in touch with his counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to try to convince him that he gave up his arms.

In a solemn speech addressed to the nation, the French cap d’Estat has stated that offer the help of France in the open negotiations between Russian and Ukrainian carriers and has assenyalat that seeks to prevent the current war against Ukraine from spreading to other countries.

Macron has recalled that the community bloc and other allies have approved sanctions against Russia and its leaders and have frozen the benefits of hundreds of Russian personalities close to the Russian regime.

“We are not at war”

«Malgrat tot, do not be at war against Russia. Everyone knows who is united with this great European people, who will sacrifice so much during the Second World War to save Europe from the abyss. We are at the cost of all the Russians who claim that an unworthy war is deslliuri in their name », he pointed out.

The president gal has remarked that “Neither France, nor Europe, nor Ukraine, nor the Atlantic Alliance have participated in this war”, that it will be called on February 24 and that according to the seves forecasts s’agreujarà in the next days.

the ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, He represents avui “the face of honour, of freedom and courage,” he stressed in this televised intervention, the second since he said, the day on which it is going to commit to keeping citizens informed about the evolution of the situation . Macron has confirmed that the Russian offensive has put in question democracy and has advocated a greater European political and economic sovereignty.

In this context, he has announced that França will expand the increase in desperation in defense agreed in 2017 i will continue with the strategy of independence and investment in the serious economy, research and innovation. (…) We can’t depend on others, especially Russian gas. I will defend a strategy of European energy independence », he affirmed.

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