L’WHO confirms an attack on a hospital in which four people have died

The general manager of theWorld Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesushas warned that there have been “several unconfirmed reports” of attacks on hospitals and health infrastructures in Ukraine, and has confirmed the attack on a hospital last week “in which quatre people will die and 10 will be ferides, incloent-hi sis treballadors sanitaris».

«The inviolability and neutrality of thehealth care, Incloent-hi the health workers, the patients, the supplies, the transport and the installations and the right to a safe access to care, they must respect and protect themselves”, Tedros pointed out.

Així, the director general of the WHO has sentenced that «the attacks on health care are a violation of international humanitarian law».

First shipment from the WHO

In a press conference, Tedros has also confirmed that this said will arrive at Poland the first shipment of the WHO with sanitary material, which includes 36 tons of supplies per trauma care and emergency surgery to meet the needs of a total of 1,000 patients, and other health supplies to meet the needs of 150,000 people.

On this point, Tedros has emphasized in the fet that «WHO has always been present in Ukraine», by buying this country as an office of WHO Europe in its territory. “Apart from the conflict, the WHO is going to distribute emergency supplies to 23 hospitals, since our supplies positioned in Kiev are currently inaccessible,” he warned.

humanitarian corridor

It is because of this that Tedros has insisted on the importance of building a humanitarian corridor for ensure that these supplies arrive at the hospitals. “There is an urgent need to establish a corridor to ensure that humanitarian workers and subministeries have safe and continuous access to reach the people in need,” the WHO director general has claimed.

Així, the health agency of the United Nations has released fins now 5.2 million dollars from the Contingency Fund for Emergencies (4.7 million euros). «Our needs for the next three months are 45 million dollars per Ukraine (40.6 million euros) and 12.5 million dollars (11.2 million euros) to help the countries we will attend to them refugees”, has detailed Tedros.

Lack of oxygen in hospitals

Així les coses, Tedros has also warned that the war will empitjorarà the situation of the covid-19 to Ukraine, a country with, despite the seva low taxa vaccinal, ja s’està produint a lack of oxygen for all patients.

“Apart from the conflict, Ukraine has experienced a recent increase in covid-19 cases. The low tax rates since the beginning of the conflict mean that it is likely that there will be an important undetected transmission”, Tedros assured.

«Together with the low vaccination coverage, it also increases the risk that a great name of persones developing a malaltia greu», he affirmed, and stated that «the critical shortage of oxygen will have an impact on the ability to treat patients with covid-19 and many other conditions». During the press shoot, it was noticed that the Vaccination coverage in some regions of Ukraine with prou feines above 20%, yes bé in altres regions assoleix 65%.

According to information from the Director General of the WHO, almenys three major oxygen plants in Ukraine have already been established. “We are looking for ways to access oxygen from new countries and to deliver it safely if it is necessary,” Tedros advanced, clarifying that, although he has no reservations, he faces the country, “the one that It is difficult, it is fer-lo, to arrive at the cities that are aïllades».

War medical supplies

Other than that, he has insisted that the supplies sent by the WHO “are dissented for the situation”, and include grapessupplies of surgeries «d’wingspan» i kits per a amputations. «I thought I could donate a more graphic idea than what is happening. The health system has to recompose many of these victims,” ​​Ryan lamented, adding that the important thing now is “to save the lives of the victims in the conflict.”

«It is important that we do not reduce everything that is happening to simply supplies that have to be delivered. We must not speak in abstract terms. Diem que els cossos, els ossos de les personas, s’estan trencant, i les vines s’estan truncant », she said.

The WHO asks Russia to reconsider

But tot això, malgrat deixar clarify that the WHO «is not immisceix in the political part d’aquest conflicte», Ryan has urged «the parties, in particular the Government of Russia, to reconsider the seva position, tenint in compte el sofriment of the ucraïnès poble».

«The WHO has always been on the coast of Pau and has defended that no hi pot haver salut sense pau», Ryan remarked. “The one who looks at it with faith is to honor the commitment of this organization: to be on the side of those who kick and leave politics and the punishment of those responsible for those who are in the best position”, he clarified. “Això will not say that we do not condemn the aggressions against civilians”, he has affirmed.

“We are not politicians, we are a health organization, but every time we are faced with situations like this, we call for peace, to pose faithfully to hostilities. L’OMS mai ha sigut tebia en que sentit », he said.

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