Luxemburg’s Foreign Minister raises “physical elimination” to stop Putin

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Luxemburg, Jean Asselbornhas warned that, while Vladimir Putin segueixi com a president of Russia, “no hi pot haver solució” to the conflict in Ukraine, for which thing has insinuated ends and all the possibility of a “physical removal” From which he subsequently arrived to retract, claiming that “they are going to escape” these declarations.

«If the poble rus know the death’s name what [Putin] Tea on seva consciència, the Kremlin would be overthrown”, the head of the Luxembourg diplomacy stated, in an interview with radio station 100.7 in which I saw few options of a diplomatic sortida.

«Tant de bo se’l pogués physically remove to stop it. In sembla l’unica opció”, said Asselborn, who has advocated giving Ukraine a clear perspective of accession to the European Union, as demanded by the president Volodymyr Zelensky.


After the controversy, the head of the Luxembourg diplomacy has retracted what he considers to be “an error” and, now, “an escape valve”, since he has explained that he had refused to grant the interview he had felt Complaints from the authorities of the city of Khàrkiv about the consequences of the Russian attacks.

«Tot i que fa 18 ans que soc ministre d’Exteriores, I could not repress them emotions and the meu felt of the Justice Davant el sofriment humà de personses innocents”, he said in a communication diffused by the seva office.

Així, he has maintained the idea that «the war against Ukraine will only stop if Putin’s actions are swamped», but he has assenyalat that the idea of ​​«physical elimination» «is going to escape». As a Minister of Foreign Affairs, he has stated, “he may have had to use these terms.”

The proposals of the person in charge of Foreign Affairs have brought a minority party to present an urgent question to the Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, to exhort him to position himself, according to local mitigators.

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