Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are officially divorced

kim kardashian and kanye-west They have been separated for months, however, their divorce has been complicated over time and it seemed that it was resisting becoming a reality.

The accusations that kanye He has done in recent times, even assuring that Kim did not allow him to see his children, nor has he helped the cause.


kanye-west has made several changes in his legal team throughout all these months, the last one just 24 hours before signing the divorce, but finally the most famous of the Kardashians has won the petition that she had done to the court to officially end her marriage, and go back to being a single woman.

As reported by TMZ, the singer agreed to go ahead with the divorcebut he did not agree with his already ex-wife in other details of the petition that are yet to be resolved.

The economic issues and those involving the four children of the coupleNorth, Saint, Chicago and Psalm, are still not resolved, and it is precisely for this that West has decided to hire a fourth lawyer, and not just any lawyer.

Kanye has required the services of the expert in marital breakdowns of celebrities in the United StatesSamantha Spector, who has worked among other cases as a lawyer for Amber Heard.

Several US media claim that the artist has tried to delay the trial as long as possiblealthough finally this has been celebrated with the presence of Kim Kardashian telematically while he has preferred not to appear.

Despite his absence, West has sent the court three conditionsof which only one of them has been accepted.

The condition that has been given the green light asks that in case one of the two members of the former couple dies, the money that is now going to be divided between the two returns to the other.

The rapper’s other two requests focused on Kardashian not being able to transfer anything from her trusts, and that if the businesswoman remarried, her new partner couldn’t testify against the singer.


It’s been a year since Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West and last December she reiterated her wish to formalize their new situation, making it clear that Kanye West’s claims to resume their relationship were totally impossible.

Now finally she is a single woman again and you can enjoy your new relationship with the singer Peter Davidson, who has been attacked by West on more than one occasion both on social networks and through their songs.

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