Kiko Hernndez reveals the reason for his anger with Emma García

25 years ago Kiko Hernandez made the leap to the world of television. He has been working as a collaborator for more than two decadesand now he is triumphing as an actor with the play ‘Distinto’ and to celebrate his long professional career, the television channel wanted to give an interview to the magazine ‘Diez Minutos’.


Kiko Hernandez tells in the pages of the magazine some anecdotes who has lived throughout his years on television.

The ‘Sálvame’ collaborator reveals that, although most viewers believe that his first foray into the It was in ‘Big Brother 3’, the reality is that this moment took place much earlier. appeared in space ‘Which side are you on?’ presented by José María Íñigo and He was a substitute in the second edition of Big Brother.

What’s more, Kiko Hernandez also h He reviewed some of the programs in which he participated after passing through the house of Guadalix de la Sierra.

He remembered his work in ‘Martian Chronicles’confessed that he would have loved to work alongside Pepe Navarro and also remembered his years as part of the template of the remembered format ‘by your side’conducted by emma garcia.

In the magazine presented by the Basque, the collaborator met some characters who became friendslike Carmina Ordonez.

Hernández spoke of that time and revealed what it was like working with Emma Garciawith whom he claims to get along, although he admits that they were angry.

It was great, she taught me everything. Only there was a moment of enmitywhen it came out a guy to say that he had been involved with me and I told him that I was not going to participate in that. He replied that he had to do itbut I didn’t go out on set and we went a week without speaking to each other“, confesses the also actor during the interview granted to ‘Ten Minutes’, although he clarifies that later some recordings came out that showed that everything had been a montage.

Recordings came out showing that everything was a setup and Emma agreed with me“, he assures.

It seems that his little scuffle with the current presenter of ‘Viva la vida’ ended well and now they have a good relationship, something that did not happen with Xavier Sardawith whom makes it clear that you don’t want to go back to workbecause he is a person who is comfortable in the conflict while skinning others, fan firesit doesn’t stop you. I don’t see good peopleKiko says.

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