Junts certifies the total break with ERC: "We will be more ourselves than ever"

the atlantis of Vic hosts this Saturday the first national council of Together after the break with CKD. The appointment serves to calibrate the state of the internal balances -of the consultation that derived the break of the Govern the sector led by Laura Borras and also the figure of Carles Puigdemont- and also check to what extent the discomfort of the most pragmatic leaders emerges, who not only wanted to avoid leaving the executive, but are also uncomfortable with the frontal opposition that has been exhibited this week in Parliament. Jordi Turull, in the open intervention as Secretary General, has sent a message of self-esteem that certifies the total break with ERC and with President Pere Aragonès: "We will be more ourselves than ever". He has also defended that leaving the Executive has given them "credibility".

According to Turull, the situation with the former partners could be "fixed", but nothing was finalized in the talks. "What do you think, why four official cars will we give up the soul of Junts? Do you think this? They must be able to continue looking into the eyes of Pedro Sanchezbut we owe it to the citizens", he remarked. The current situation, Turull stated, is marked by "insignificant" support for the Parlament de Aragonès, which could lead to elections -as Turull has said- in the coming year. of this, he has defended the "reaction" to the "resignation" that, in his opinion, poses what he has called "Government of letting it be". "An executive that, far from responding to expanding the base of independence, expands the base of letting it be. We will not be in any way. Faced with this new unprecedented situation, what about us?" We must be more us than everwithout mortgages", reflected the former Minister of the Presidency.

Those who choose to "let it go," he has said, rub off on all governance policies. "We will not let independence be, nor will the country's challenges, because they are enormous," he pointed out, while defending "moderate" the fiscal pressure with the reduction of taxes. Therefore, there will be more ideological than before. He has summed it up with one expression: "Before we were the Yes, but". He has also highlighted that the new stage will entail a "reorganization" of the Government, now that the ministers and the sottogoverno have left, much applauded by the cadres gathered in the national council.

"The decision [de sortir de l'executiu] It was taken with a very high turnout. It certifies that Junts is a party that is alive and committed to the country, as it was when ratifying the legislature agreement and entering the Government. It was logical that the same ones who validated him would vote on the agreement. We had a congressional mandate, and we made a exercise of democratic exemplarity", Turull pointed out. The result was "clear" in favor of leaving the executive, but he also wanted to value the attitude of those who asked to continue with him. "From minute zero, although for many it has been a shake personal, professional and political, has brought out the best of you to follow the course of the party", he reflected. He wanted to send a message of unity: "It is not the advice of 56% against that of 42%, but that of 100% ". The risk of splitting has been averted, for now.

The exit of the executive had a "substantive debate" on how the country was "orienting" itself through the "non-compliance" of Aragonès and ERC in relation to the legislature agreement. "To understand how we got here, you have to understand what Junts is and what our reason for being is. It is not explained by an ideological option, but by the desire of a nation to be free, by wanting to unite the cross determination that we decided on 1-O, due to the attitude contrary to resignation and resignation", remarked the general secretary of the formation. "Solvency" to solve the problems of the people, "independence" to respond At this point he has recalled how the legislature agreement was reached, signed in May 2021 and which has framed the 52% majority of the elections of 14-F.

"Aragones made some commitments with us, and we with him. We comply, and he does not. The breaches of the president and the ERC did not leave us in a neutral situation, but instead directed the country in the opposite direction from where we want to go," said Turull, who negotiated with him until the last minute to save unity. However, he has accused Aragonese from "boycott" the mobilizations -like that of the Diada- and also to "veto" the members of Junts at the dialogue table. Nor the strategic coordination in Madrid, where ERC "is missing the corseting" of the self-government. "We are a government party, yes, but to govern a nation, not to administer a territory," he summed up. "We are not born to manage resignation and resignation," she remarked shortly after.

The highest body between congresses did not play any role in the entire internal consultation process, which led to complaints -always in private and in discussions in mobile groups- by sectors of the training. The decision that precipitated the chain of events - the question of trust claimed by Albert Batett from the lectern of Parliament to the president Pedro Aragonese- did not go through the executive and, of course, not through the national council. He cooked with a very small group of leaders -Turull, Borràs, Batet and Joseph Riuswith the knowledge and support of Puigdemont, who participated in the decision - and ended up leading to the dismissal of the vice president Jordi Puignero. The latter was also aware of the decision, and that ended up costing him his job.

The consultation with Junts was settled with 55% of votes in favor of leaving the Government, while 42% opted for an affirmative position to continue. "Aragonese loses, Junts wins", Borràs pointed out just after knowing the results. In recent days, senior party officials have already been dismissed or resigned, and they are being replaced by ERC cadres. The president-in "absolute minority" in Parliament, as defended by the opposition block - has also opted to sign independents: Quim Christmas in Research and Universities, Gemma Ubassart in justice and Carles Campuzano to Social Rights. Aragonés continues to press Junts per els pressuposts, but everything is leading to opposition from the Turull and Borràs formation.

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