Jordi Cruz, scared to see that she has left without thinking about it

jordi cruz is enjoying the new season to the fullest Celebrity MasterChef, but it is also suffering from having to fire very special contestants like Ruth Lorenzo. That yes, the greatest weight of her has lived in the last gala when seeing María Zurita leave the kitchens suddenly.

The King's cousin has suffered an indisposition that has greatly worried the cook. Fortunately, everything has been in a small scare.

  1. Jordi Cruz attends the escape stunned
  2. Jordi Cruz comforts Maria Zurita

Jordi Cruz attends the escape stunned

The prestigious chef has lived in the last program one of the most worrying moments of all the editions. And this has been reflected in the faces of him and the other members of the contest.

It all happened during the outdoor test. María was cooking with her classmates when she suddenly started to feel bad. She told Escoté: "I'm getting dizzy." The designer quickly told her to stop working and offered her water, but the designer's niece John Charles I He was still not feeling well and, for that reason, he said: «I have to go out». What's more, she at that time nervously and quickly addressed the team that works behind the scenes: "I'm getting dizzy, I'm getting dizzy."

A member of Celebrity MasterChef He has taken him out of kitchens and has sat him on a chair. There she has received the pertinent care due to the concern of his companions, Jordi and the other members of the jury.

Fortunately, everything has gone well and the contestant has recovered. She then explained what had happened to her: “I've started to see double. My legs were shaking, everything was shaking and nobody heard me, it seems that I had no voice. I almost fainted."

Image of María Zurita, the cousin of King Felipe VI


Jordi Cruz comforts Maria Zurita

The owner of the ABaC restaurant breathed easy when he saw Zurita cooking again. A return that has been very well received by the other contestants, who have not hesitated to give him affection.

She has admitted that she felt guilty for leaving them alone cooking, despite the fact that her place had been taken by a friend of Escoté. We are referring to Luis Mengual, from sewing masters.

All the participants have tried to reassure her and explain to her that she should not worry about anything. However, she said she felt really bad about the consequences of her indisposition and did not stop apologizing to them. For that reason, Jordi has seen the need to intervene.

The Catalan has addressed the end of the test to say: «Why are you feeling so badly? And the answer that he has given between tears has been: «Because I don't like to leave people hanging. In my house I have been educated to always do my best and to give the maximum of my power. [...] I am trying to give 100%, but what happens is that it is not yet noticeable.

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Words to which Cruz and others have responded with applause and shouts for María with the purpose of encouraging her.

In networks he has also received encouragement and affection after the mishap from some viewers, but others have been in the mood to give their point of view on the facts. Hence, messages like "His indisposition is pure genetics, you put a Bourbon to work for two hours and he gets dizzy."

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