Joaquín Prat reveals what Antonio David's daughter is like and puts everything at risk

Joaquin Prat don't bite your tongue every time you have to talk about dew flowers. Until a few months ago they were program partners and it can be said that she knows her quite well. In recent days, the journalist has dedicated some words to him that were not exactly affectionate.

You may be fed up with his behavior and the continual demands. The presenter of Mediaset wanted to make a reflection after the passage of Olga Moreno by Ana Rosa's programwhere the Sevillian revealed that the relationship with her ex's daughter was not going through the best moment.

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Joaquín knows from experience that she is a young woman with a lot of character, who gets itchy quite easily. The winner of survivors He revealed that this is not the first time he has been angry with her and explained that it is quite difficult for him to assimilate certain things. In any case, Agustín Etienne's new partner is confident that all this will be resolved. "It will be fixed, when there is love everything is fixed," he added. He intended to play down the anger of the man of influence.

The day after this interview, the presenter wanted to reflect on everything that was discussed. Already cold and with very clear ideas, he was quite critical of what had been his partner. "After what Olga said, it confirms that Rocío is a person with a complicated character," he said.

In fact, he did not hesitate to comment on the good work of his representative with her. More than once, Etienne had to stop him to avoid trouble. "We have all seen how Agustí has ​​taken care of her, how she has prevented her from getting into more controversies," he stressed.

Joaquín Prat in 'The AR program'

| Mediaset

Joaquin Prat is aware that Antonio David's daughter has already stopped working with her manager. They had been together for many years, but she decided to end the relationship overnight. The reason was obvious. Agustín began a sentimental relationship with Olga Moreno, which greatly annoyed the 'La Jury' maid, especially since he found out about it in the press.

In any case, the prestigious journalist from Mediaset It was hard for him to understand the girl's maneuvers. After praising the Sevillian businesswoman in public on many occasions, now it seemed that it bothered him to see her happy. In her opinion, “this is complicated. We talk about generosity », released the driver of the space.

In this way, he let glimpse the bewilderment by Rocío's reaction. She did not understand that her father's ex could rebuild her life. It's as if it bothers her to see her happy with another man who is not her father, but everything indicates that she will have no choice but to accept it.

Joaquín Prat defended another person

Joaquin Prat He had no problem showing his support for Olga Moreno. He pointed out that the winner of the reality did "good." He assured that "everyone who seeks life, that we are already grown-ups", which meant a dart aimed at the man of influence.

Image of Rocío Flores on the street.

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The Sevillian businesswoman did not fall short in that sense either. During the intervention she explained that the people who love him and the happy voice must be happy. With these words she again left in a bad place dew flowers.

But there are more details that his colleagues did not like. He recently stopped collaborating with the morning format due to economic differences: he claimed to earn more money. Joaquin Prat He does not understand that position, especially when they have had to draw his attention to not contribute anything to his interventions. She refused to discuss family matters when she had been hired to do so.

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