Jagoba Arrasate renews with Osasuna until the 2023-2024 season

Jagoba Arrasate renew with Osasuna. A gigantic canvas placed on the façade of the CaixaBank building, in the Carlos III avenue in Pamplonaannounces the renewal of Berriatua’s coach until 2024two days after the triumph against the Villarrealwhich leaves the team with 35 points, 11 above relegation, very close to the great objective of remaining in the First Division, and in which the red grandstand reminded the coach with their songs of the affection that his fans have for him.

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Jagoba Arrasate and the sports management of Osasuna have finally closed the continuity of the coach at the head of the team. The coach will face in this way his fifth campaign in the Navarrese team. The reaction of the group in the last days in the form of results, the recovery also of sensations, have made permanence is an objective of imminent achievement, which consolidates the scenario pursued by the parties to try to renew the coaching staff. Jagoba Arrasate’s team occupies eleventh place in the standings First Division, with 35 points in his locker and an 11-point lead from the relegation zone.

Arrasate had asked for time a few months ago when the debate about the need to extend his contract was triggered, and that pause requested by the coach coincided with the less brilliant moments of the team. Overcome the second and after the days, everything has come together so that the renovation has been closed.

Braulio referred to the clarification of the permanence as a primary matter in the club, but also announced that there was a deep work ahead for the next season in terms of the template formation. The planning of the next course was the main issue that the technicians have already faced, because also with time goals and pretensions are better defined.

The configuration of the football team for the coming seasons has been the first issue on the table. Decisions have to be made about the future of several players, some end their contract, others will have to plan their evolution elsewhere and, also, it will be necessary to face the hiring of new elements for what must be the consolidation of another project in the highest category . “We have a lot of work ahead of us because it would be Jagoba’s fifth year and we have to change things and nuances“he explained Braulio the day of the presentation of the renewal agreement of Juan Cruz, anticipating that many issues around the team must be redefined.

The configuration of the squad, the definition of the new project, have been some of the issues that have gone hand in hand with the renewal of the coach.

A rise and three years in the First Division, with all that this entails

The president of Osasuna, louis sabalzaannounced on the day of his inauguration for his third term in November, that the renewal of Arrasate was raised as a question urgent and unavoidable. The bad run of results slowed down that negotiation, but there is no doubt that the rojillo president sees in the coach the flagship on which to base its management that, almost solely, depends on the team continuing in the First Division and that the income offered by television at the highest level continues to make the club work.

Arrasate already responded last week, in the run-up to the match against Villarreal, about his contract with the club, which expired in just four months. Asked if there were already contacts with the sports management, headed by Braulio Vázquez and Cata, to deal with this matter, the coach was brief, but concise: “Every day we talk and the good harmony continues. We have talked, we talk and we will talk. No There is much more to say. We have a very important game and I think that the collective situations are still above the individual ones, but we do talk”.

Arrasate is the second coach of the teams in the highest category who has accumulated the most time on the same bench, only surpassed by Simeone’s more than 10 years at Atlético de Madrid.

More than Rise in First

With last Saturday’s match against Villarreal, Arrasate reached his 103rd match with Osasuna in the First Division, a figure that allows him to overtake the fourth in the historical ranking of the entity, Pepe Alzate (102), and continue shortening distances with the first three , Pedro Mari Zabalza (277), Javier Aguirre (152) and Ivan Brzic (113), whom he will surpass at the end of this exercise. Taking into account all the competitions and categories, the Berriatua coach has played 155 games for the Navarrese team, only behind Zabalza (340), Martín Monreal (191), Aguirre (177) and Alzate (174).

Now the chimney

The sports director of Osasuna, Braulio Vazquezrecently revealed that the club had transferred an offer to Chimy Avila to extend his contract beyond June 2023, the date on which the current one expires. The Argentine has stated that his wish is to continue in Osasuna, entity to which he arrived in the summer of 2019, highlighting that both parties will make an effort “equally” so that he can continue in the team. After the renewal of Arrasate, close this question will be the priority in the red club. “Braulio has asked me, but those issues are handled with my agent. What I want most is to stay here. I know what I owe people and, if there is something that my representative knows, it is that I have not changed my mind and I don’t want to leave here”, insisted the rojillo striker. “I hope we can come to an agreement“, Chimy Ávila insisted, but clarifying that “this already depends on the negotiations between my agent and the board”, while he prefers not to “obsess” with the matter.

Chimy Ávila has already been in favor of the continuity of the Berriatua coach: “I would like him to stay because I consider him a great person and for everything he contributes to the team. In the most difficult moments he knew how to take the helm strongly and we all leaned on him to get ahead”. His wishes have come true.

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