Gustavo González reveals what he works after being fired from 'Sálvame'

Gustavo Gonzalez has ceased to belong to the staff of Save me. Seven months ago they decided to dispense with his services without giving him too many explanations, forcing the collaborator to seek a life outside of television.

The reason for this break was the direct involvement of the photojournalist in the'Deluxe Operation'. He was one of the main accused of the alleged spying on celebrities with the complicity of a police officer. Since this case came to light, the chain chose to end the relationship.

The journalist Gustavo González during an act at Las Vegas bingo in 2018


Gustavo has not shown any signs of life nor have they been remembered on his program, as if he did not exist, when in fact he had been one of the most active people in the search for topics to Save me. He was possibly one of the commentators with the most sources and resources to get news.

A Mediaset they were clear that they should distance themselves from their actions. They did not want to be affected by this judicial conflict and let all the responsibilities fall on the paparazzi. They knew otherwise this could take a toll on their programs. There was also another mishap they could face: possible lawsuits from the characters they were following. They had obtained private information irregularly.

In any case, María Lapiedra's partner remains pending the trial. He is being investigated for the alleged link with a retired agent who would have provided him with information about celebrities, but he was not the only one who was in the crosshairs of justice. This theme also splashed the directors, editors and reporters of the program. All of them had benefited, although all the weight of the investigation fell on the collaborator.

Gustavo Gonzalez He has wanted to let time pass to comment on his situation, he does so seven months after his departure in an interview in the magazine Soon. He confesses that it was "a stage of my life in which I was passing through." He did not delve much into the reasons for the dismissal, but assured that "they did not renew my contract in Save me and it's over, nothing more.

Image of Kike Calleja accompanied by Gustavo González and Ángel Jesús Fernández

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Over the months he had greatly reduced his presence on the set. It was usual for her to only attend the program once a week, but her role within the format went far beyond sitting in an armchair and debating the issues of the world of the heart. She was also in charge of bringing information that she obtained illegally, police investigations revealed.

In any case, try to remove iron downward. «I carry it with humility and tranquility, focused on my work and my family». He defends that television "is not a panacea for anyone and I knew it was a passing stage."

Gustavo González will continue with his life

Gustavo Gonzalez He has been dedicated to the world of gossip press for almost 30 years, almost always as paparazzi. It is, without a doubt, the job that he is most passionate about and the one that has compensated him with significant sums of money. Despite his interventions in the evening space, he never left him aside. He is aware that good photos can be sold for gold in any publication, so he is not worried about his dismissal either.

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In the interview, he assures that he has very good memories of his time on the small screen. “After 20 years in the middle, I am very grateful for having participated in programs that are history. I am proud to have been part of Save me».

Gustavo Gonzalez He did not want to address the reasons for the departure. "They just didn't renew it. It will be that they did not like it, but nothing happens », she emphasizes.

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