Four people are arrested for kidnapping and torturing the founder of Tuenti

The Spanish police has dismantled this Saturday in Madrid one criminal group made up of four individuals - three men and one woman - as alleged perpetrators of a violent assault on the home of the first president of the social network Tuentithe american Zaryn Dentzel. They have been accused of the crimes of kidnapping, robbery with violence and intimidation, injuries, coercion, threats and fraud. After going to court, his admission to prison has been decreed.

The investigation began in November of last year when the members of the gang entered Dentzel's home, in the Retiro neighborhood, disguisedwith their faces covered and loaded with a stun gun and white weapons. However, Dentzel was not home alone. With him was a maintenance worker who had his eyes sprayed with pepper spray and cleaning products. Immediately afterwards, they separated him from the founder of Tuenti, who was also sprayed with disinfectant material. In addition, they handcuffed him and he will torture continually threatening him.

The group's goal was to get the keys to the American's digital wallet, where he kept more than 25 million euros. Unsuccessful, they took objects from the home, such as bank cards or luxury watches they stole from the safe. They also took two aluminum suitcases where they dressed all the stolen material. They then cleaned up the footprints they had left and they left the house one by one at the time when the concierge went out to eat. Once the assault was over, the woman from the gang managed to steal 2,000 euros of credit cards Denzel.

Over time, the agents found out that the criminal group had a lot of information about the victim and their customs, something that helped them carefully plan the attack. In addition, they also discovered that the authors divided the work of the assault: one person accessed the house, the other carried out the attack and the other watched the victims, assaulted them and threatened them.

The identification and arrest of all the members has been possible thanks to months of investigation. Through investigation, it has been discovered that the group was made up of two couples who did not know each other previouslybut that they joined efforts to carry out the assault, something that made their connection even more difficult. Other than that, the woman in the gang left for the UK after the attack. reason why the British services were asked to collaborate to be located at all times. Upon his return to the State, the body prepared an operation that culminated in the arrest of the four.

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