Electric car maintenance: a guide

The spread of zero-emission cars is transforming e-mobility into an increasingly concrete reality, an ecological solution to reduce CO2 emissions from cars. However, before buying an EV vehicle you also need to know how electric car maintenance works. In particular, it is important to know both what interventions are required in rechargeable cars and the costs to be incurred for the maintenance of green cars. Let's see what it is exactly and what is the cost of maintaining the electric car.

  1. How maintenance of an electric car works
  2. The maintenance of electric car batteries
  3. The maintenance costs of an electric car
  4. When to do the maintenance of electric cars?
  5. Why is the maintenance of electric cars important?

How maintenance of an electric car works

The maintenance of an electric car is undoubtedly easier than an endothermic car, i.e. vehicles with a petrol, diesel, LPG or methane combustion engine. This is because electric cars do not have an endothermic engine, moreover they do not have a series of components subject to wear that must be replaced frequently. This aspect makes the management of the zero-emission machine easier, while minimizing the costs of interventions. Obviously, it is still necessary to submit the electric car to the mandatory statutory inspection, in addition it is advisable to carry out the coupons indicated by the car manufacturer to maintain high standards of efficiency and safety. The services include a general inspection of the electric vehicle and some routine checks, including checking the condition of the chassis, checking the electronics, checking the bodywork and a thorough examination of the electric motor and transmission system. Ordinary maintenance interventions are also carried out, such as the replacement of filters and brake fluid or pads.

The maintenance of electric car batteries

The main component of an electric car is the battery pack, i.e. the modules that make up the storage system that powers the vehicle and determines its autonomy. Charging at the column or via the wall box progressively reduces the efficiency of the battery, which is why it is essential to subject this element to regular checks. Modern electric cars have a long warranty on batteries, in fact many manufacturers offer coverage of 8 years or 150-200 thousand kilometers. On the other hand, replacing battery modules is a complex and above all expensive operation, so it is essential to take care of these components and always choose the best charging methods to preserve the battery. Just consider that the replacement of the batteries of a Tesla car can cost from 15 thousand up to 25 thousand euros, while on a Smart one must take into account an expense of around 9 thousand euros. This makes clear the importance of periodic monitoring of electric car batteries, especially after the end of the warranty period.

The maintenance costs of an electric car

The maintenance cost of electric cars is certainly lower than the maintenance costs of endothermic machines, however it is a cost to consider. Generally, it is possible to take into account a saving of around 20-40% compared to endothermic cars, with for example Fiat indicating a saving of 35% in the maintenance of the electric 500. The price of the coupon depends on the model of electric car and the interventions carried out at the workshop, with lower costs for zero-emission city cars, and a higher expense for SUVs and premium electric sedans. On average, the cost of a service for a city car such as the electric 500 is around 100-120 euros, compared to a cost of around 150 euros for the model with combustion engine. The price of the coupon can also be lower, reaching about 50 euros for the Smart fortwo EQ, or higher with about 525 euros for the first check of the Tesla Model S. The cost of ordinary maintenance over time is still quite variable, in fact depending on the interventions scheduled by the house, the price can be higher or lower in the first 5 coupons. To this benefit we must also add the savings on the road tax, with many regions offering a five-year exemption from the payment of the car tax. It is also possible to save on the mandatory RCA policy, for example by choosing the new quixa E-Green coverage with a 20% discount on electric and hybrid car insurance.

When to do the maintenance of electric cars?

As for the mandatory inspection, electric cars must be subjected to an initial inspection after 4 years from the date of the first registration, while subsequently the verification frequency is two years. The cost of the overhaul is € 78.75, after the last increase of € 9.95 in the ministerial rate which went from € 45 to € 54.95. The ordinary maintenance of electric cars, on the other hand, is linked to the mileage and age of the vehicle, in addition to the indications on the coupons provided by the car manufacturer. For example, Volkswagen's ID models require maintenance every two years at most without mileage limits, while in the Tesla Model S the cabin filter needs to be replaced every 3 years. Today some electric cars have advanced systems for remote diagnostics, a technology that allows technicians to carry out some interventions remotely, such as updating the software or resolving some failures due to an electronic problem. In addition, electric cars often signal when the car needs to be subjected to a routine check, via a notification in the on-board instrumentation.

Why is the maintenance of electric cars important?

Ordinary maintenance of electric cars allows you to keep the vehicle efficient and safe, periodically checking that all the car's systems are working correctly. Although these machines do not have some components, such as engine oil or spark plugs, it is still necessary to inspect the brakes, tires, shock absorbers, batteries and all other essential elements for optimal driving. Overall, the maintenance of an electric car is easier and less expensive than that of an endothermic car, but it is necessary not to neglect these aspects to preserve high energy performance and prevent breakdowns, breakdowns and malfunctions. For this you must always follow the guidelines of the car manufacturers reported in the maintenance booklet of the electric car.

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