Coronavirus in Navarra: Navarra exceeds 200 daily cases

Navarre It again exceeded 200 positives in daily coronaviruses this last day. Specifically, the Foral Community detected 245 new cases Covid-19 positives this Wednesday, March 2.

Navarre He had been below 200 infections for four days in a row, since February 25. It is also the highest number in the last seven days. There are already two consecutive days of increased infections this week, although they are quite mild, after the 191 cases registered this Tuesday and the 182 on Monday.

All in all, it is a lower figure than that detected a week ago, when 323 cases were reached, and 14 days ago, with 392 infections. So far this week there is a 29% less of cases than the previous one (642 vs 910). The Cumulative Incidence also decreased, both at 7 and 14 days, from 217 to 204 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and from 508 to 486, respectively.

On Pamplona 78 positives have been counted, 12 of them in the neighborhood of San Juanand outside the capital of Navarra, 11 stand out in mocked10 in Ansoain and 9 in Zizur Major.


For the first time in four months, from the week of October 25 to 31, no patient was admitted to the intensive care units of the Comunidad Foral due to covid-19, according to the information collected in the reports of the Institute of Public and Labor Health of Navarra (ISPLN).

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According to the latest Epidemiological Surveillance report from the Institute of Public and Labor Health of Navarra (ISPLN), the figures on the evolution of the covid-19 pandemic maintain their downward trend in all its indicators for the fourth consecutive week.

Thus, the number of cases registered last week (1,647) has decreased by 26% compared to the previous week; hospitalizations went from 32 to 13, which represents a decrease of 59%; and five deaths were registered compared to 11 the previous week, 55% less.

The decrease in incidence figures has occurred in all age groups. Almost all of the viruses analyzed correspond to the Ómicron variant and 26% of the cases are of its possible BA.2 subvariant.


The pandemic is moving into another phase of easing in which lockdowns will become history. As of this Saturday, March 5, the obligation to quarantine all close contacts of positive cases of coronavirus disappears, which until now had to be kept by unvaccinated people, which will be noticed mainly in schools. Navarrese schools celebrate such a decision and hope that it will be one of the firm steps towards a return to normality in schools, where flexibility measures have often been applied too late. They hope that the next thing may be education without masks, although there has not yet been a decision from the Ministry of Health and the autonomies in this regard and we will have to wait.

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In Navarra, in this 2021-22 academic year, a total of 43,616 schoolchildren have been confined, 29,458 of them for having tested positive (it would be 26% of the school population). Because it was close contact in the classroom, without testing positive, 14,158 students were quarantined, 5,054 of them from Infant and 9,081 from Primary (there were only 23 in ESO). They are all students from 180 centers in which a positive was detected with 386 confined classrooms in Infant, 573 in Primary and 1 in ESO. The teachers who tested positive this course were a total of 3,834.


Navarre registered 191 positives for covid-19 on Tuesday, in addition to the fact that one person required hospitalization and two died of coronavirus infection, according to government data.

At this time, 90 people remain hospitalized –twelve less than the previous day–, of which 8 are in the ICU –one less than on Monday–. Regarding vaccination, 2,029 doses were administered. On the other hand, the number of Osasunbidea professionals on sick leave fell from 24 to 21 last week.

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