Chimy gives victory to Osasuna

I was Osasuna standing at 32 points, a great figure at this point in the film to achieve permanence, when another of the difficult games came, against a tall opponent, and the script was disturbed, the forecasts and statistics were broken and the pessimism. The rojillos achieved a great victory against Villarreala runaway colt that had been passing over his rivals without major problems, and finally gave three points to his fans in Sadarwhere triumphs have been too scarce.

The Chimy was in charge of changing the history of the party. The striker scored the goal, at the end of the victory, when Osasuna was having the worst time against Villarreal’s push. But with the goal, not only did the scoreboard move, but the battle model that the Castellón team was imposing fell apart. Villarreal, abusive with the ball, licking their lips in a football of control of the ball, began to see fewer free paths to explore, they stopped being so calculating and their ideas melted. Arrasate’s skill from the bench changing the system, reinforcing the defense and building a wall based on help and effort, ended up signing the victory. Osasuna’s win against a posh rival also improves their consideration and catapults them into the top half of the table. The moment of ambition can be delicious.

There was everything in El Sadar and that is why it was an intense and exciting meeting. In the first act, Osasuna emerged unscathed from the growing pressure that Villarreal was subjecting him to as the minutes went by. It’s not that there was an exaggerated suffering on the part of the reds, but there was a growing annoyance because there was tension when those in yellow approached the area. The danger of men like Yeremy Pino, Danjuma, Alberto Moreno, even Extupiñán himself emerged to the rhythm of Parejo’s passes, an excellent provider of material between rivals and loopholes. The clearest opportunity was the work of Pino, after a malevolent service from the midfielder, which Sergio Herrera satisfactorily solved.

Although Osasuna was always ambitious with the ball, his chances only came from set pieces. In two corners David García connected with the ball and his shots went wide. It was the best of the rojillos in the search for the goal, a difficult task because the ball belonged to Villarreal and he was forced to make decisions for the braves when they left him. Rubén García had unleashed hostilities on the left wing and Aurier, a winger with a pilier type, had gotten on the hump, whom the rojillo was crossing too frequently in his passing lanes. Albiol was also not calm before the insolence of the osasunista and from that constant fight and constant struggle Osausna was going to get a prize with the passage of time.

Villarreal came out after the break in an overwhelming plan, believing the role of the only scriptwriter. Overwhelming, but without staining his hands, because he was unable to finish off on goal. Osasuna stuck his head out of his lair and did so with all the consequences, because he didn’t stop until he scored a goal. At fifteen minutes, Rulli disrupted a shot by Rubén García; at 16, Kike García finished off a corner with a header; at 17, the Chimy thread searched for the squad from the peak of the area; and at 18, the goal came. Chimy connected a delicious cross from Rubén García with a header to the net. Before there had been a robbery by Torró, an excellent drive by Javi Martínez and a possessed run by Rubén.
Osasuna changed the game because it clouded Villarreal’s ideas, which continued with a hard approaching effort, but there was no danger. His only attempt, which was not on goal, was a Dia shot seven minutes from time. Budimir was about to widen the difference on a couple of occasions, but in the second his goal was annulled due to a pinpoint verification of offside in the VAR. Not even the device spoiled Osasuna’s afternoon.

– Data sheet:

1 – Osasuna: Sergio Herrera; Nacho Vidal, David Garcia, Juan Cruz, Manu Sanchez; Lucas Torro; Chimy Ávila (Aridane, m. 80), Moncayola, Javi Martínez (Darko, m. 70), Rubén García (Oier, m. 89); and Kike García (Budimir, m. 70).

0 â Villarreal: Rulli, Aurier (Trigueros, m. 77), Albiol, Pau Torres, Estupiñán; Parejo (Coquelin, d. 84), Capoue; Yeremy (Dia, m. 77), Lo Celso (Chukwueze, m. 77), Alberto Moreno (Moi Gómez, m. 58); and Danjuma.

Goal: 1-0, M.63: Chimy Ávila.

Referee: Munuera Montero (Andalusian Committee). He showed Chimy Ávila yellow.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-seventh day of LaLiga Santander played at El Sadar before 18,659 spectators.

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