Cars to drive without a license: a guide

The B license is a compulsory driving license to drive four-wheeled vehicles up to 3.5 tons, with a maximum number of 8 passengers in addition to the driver. However, many wonder if there are any cars without a licenseor cars that can be driven without a category B driving document. In reality there are no vehicles to drive without any type of license, but special cars that can be driven with a license. Let's see everything you need to know about cars that are driven without a license, to clarify this topic and also understand who can drive them and if they should be insured.

  1. Which cars can you drive without a license?
  2. Some models of cars for driving without a license B
  3. Car without a license: who can drive it?
  4. Do you need insurance to drive cars without a license?
  5. How to get the AM license for minicars

Which cars can you drive without a license?

For some car models the driving license of type B is not compulsory, but it is possible to drive these vehicles with the so-called license, or the AM patents. This is an accessible license even to minorswith which it is possible to drive mopeds, tricycles and light quadricycles with some limitations. This license is generally taken by those who have to drive a moped, for example the classic 50 cc scooter, at the same time it allows you to get behind the wheel also of microcar. They are small cars for urban micro-mobility, equipped with reduced power, two internal stations and a displacement similar to that of mopeds. With this document, even without a B license, you can drive the following vehicles:

  • 2 or 3 wheel mopedswith power up to 4 kW and engine displacement not exceeding 50 cc, capable of reaching a maximum speed of no more than 45 km / h;
  • light quadricyclesincluding minicars and quads, with a maximum of two seats including that of the driver, a mass not exceeding 425 kg, an engine with a displacement not exceeding 50 cc for positive ignition vehicles or up to 500 cc if equipped with compression ignition , with power not exceeding 4 kW for quadricycles with open cockpit (quad) or 6 kW for vehicles with closed cockpit (minicar).

Some models of cars for driving without a license B

Among the cars without a license there are above all minicars, light quadricycles equipped with small combustion engines or zero-emission electric engines. A compatible model is the Microcar Dué by Ligier specifically designed for urban smart mobility, equipped with 14 or 15-inch alloy wheels depending on the version, LED headlights and multimedia system with 6.2-inch touchscreen. Another model of car without a license is the eAIXAMan electric microcar available in the City, Coupé and Crossover versions with a length of 2.76 meters, one power of 6 kW and 90 km of autonomy with a recharge. A minicar for sustainable mobility is also there Citroen Amicharacterized by an ultra-compact design with 2.41 meters in length, a robust structure and 75 km of autonomy with a full charge in 3 hours. A car that can be driven without a license is also there Renault Twizyan original design car with 4 kW electric motor, 100 km of autonomy and bar doors that open upwards. Another two-seater electric minicar that can be driven with an AM license is Extreme officea car as large and easy to handle as a scooter with a power of 3.3 kW e removable battery.

Car without a license: who can drive it?

Cars without a B license can be driven by anyone in possession of the AM license, a license that minors can take from 14 years of age. However, to be able to take a passenger with you, the only one allowed on quads and minicars, you must be over 16 years old in accordance with the rules of the Highway Code.

Do you need insurance to drive cars without a license?

To drive a minicar you not only need an AM license, but you must insure the vehicle in order to be able to travel on the road. Specifically, it is compulsory to take out an RC policythat is a civil liability coverage that covers damages caused to third parties, an insurance that usually has annual validity and it can be also purchased online to save on the insurance premium. To find out the cost of the insurance policy for a car without a license, just request a free online quote to find out the price of the insurance and the customization options available. With can befor example, you may be eligible for a advantageous premium it's a 100% online managementfrom the reserved area on the site or via the quixa app for Android and iOS smartphones.

How to get the AM license for minicars

To drive cars without a license you need the AM licenseor the license. To obtain this qualification, you can contact adriving schoola more convenient and practical but also more expensive solution, or to take the exams as private owners at the territorial offices of Vehicle registration. In this case you have to support a theory exam with 30 quizzesto which to respond in 25 minutes with the possibility of committing up to a maximum of 3 errors and repeating the test only once. Next it is necessary to address thedriving testpracticing with the pink sheet issued after passing the theory test. The driving test can be carried out up to 3 times with the same pink sheet, after which you have to re-register. The exam includes a first test carried out in an area closed to trafficin which the examiner organizes a specific path and asks the candidate to perform some maneuvers with the light quadricycle. Next, you have to face one second driving test on a road open to the publicwhere the examiner verifies the candidate's knowledge of the road rules. The cost of the AM license is around 200-250 euros at driving schoolsotherwise, as a private owner, you can save by spending around 100-150 euros depending on the cost of the mandatory medical certificate.

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