Carlos Sobera reveals that he is wrong and must go to therapy to overcome it

After the expulsion of Glory Camila of nightmare in paradise, Charles Sovereign He received her on set, as he does with all the contestants. There were pending issues that they had to talk about, both about their contest and their life outside of it. And it is that Charles Sovereign He witnessed some confessions that left him with his mouth open.

However, it should be noted that not only was Carlos shocked by these confessions, but also another contestant received very harsh information from abroad.

  1. The last discussion of nightmare in paradise has been full of surprises
  2. Gloria Camila's confession that surprised Carlos Sobera

The last discussion of nightmare in paradise has been full of surprises

Last Sunday, October 16, took place in Telecinco the discussion of nightmare in paradise. Charles Sovereign received on set Glory Camilaafter being the last expelled the week before.

Needless to say, it was quite an interesting discussion. One of the contestants received a visit from his dog and a very good friend. Israel was very moved by that visit.

There was also another contestant who had news from outside but it was not exactly good. Juan Alfonso Milan found out live that his partner, Paloma, had broken up with him. Although Paloma declined the invitation, she agreed to talk on the phone.

"I didn't want to go in, but I don't want you to suffer, we have a pending conversation. While you're inside I've been finding out things, "said Paloma, to Carlos's surprise.

To this, the model apologized to his girlfriend and confessed that he was afraid that she would not be there after leaving nightmare in paradise.

«I apologize for being away, I love you, I have never lied to you about my feelings. But I need to know if you'll be there when I get out. We had arranged our things before entering. I spend my days crying, I just ask to see you when I get out.

Before the astonished look of Charles Sovereign, Nagore Robles decided to expose what "lie" it was. Apparently, the actor's girlfriend would have received information that Juan was being unfaithful to him with a model. “He has left you, he has deleted the photos of him and it seemed respectful not to tell you here,” Nagore revealed.

In addition to these events, Carlos revealed the entry of four new contestants in the "reality" . All this would take place on Wednesday, October 19, as he had already confessed on Twitter the account of Mediaset.

Gloria Camila's confession that surprised Carlos Sobera

As to Glory Camila, was without a doubt the protagonist of the night. And it is that, during her time on the program, she has offered some revealing statements about her life. Among them, she claimed to have become pregnant with Kiko Jimenezalthough she decided to abort.

In addition, to the amazement of Carlos, the young woman decided to apologize for the lack of respect for the contest. «I have to apologize because sometimes I have failed in this regard and I have lost the forms. My impulsiveness and my character means that sometimes I do not control myself. It is true that I have failed in this regard, but they have also done it to me ».

Image of Gloria Camila and Pipi Estrada in the 'Nightmare in Paradise' contest

| Telecinco

Instead, the one he didn't apologize to was Marco, accusing him of "giving the toughest jobs to those he didn't like."

The daughter ofOrtega Cano also mentioned Kiko Jimenez, accusing him of having lied on television and of "sinking her" after having been with her. In addition, Gloria confessed that it was thanks to her that her ex-partner would have entered into survivors.

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Before the words of the expelled from the 'reality' presented by Charles Sovereign, Alexandra Rubio he claimed that he believed that Gloria was not over her ex. "What I have not overcome is the damage that has been done to me and I am undergoing therapy to achieve it," replied the bullfighter's daughter.

Nagore, with Carlos's permission, asked the "influencer" if she empathized with her sister for also having an ex-partner lying on TV. Despite avoiding getting into the subject of Rocío and Antonio David, she stated that she did not find it pleasant that an ex-partner constantly lied about the other.

Antonio David Flores, Rocío Carrasco and Gloria Camila

| CataloniaDiary

Although further questioned on the subject of her sister, Gloria refused to enter. “Since it is a very serious subject, I do not want to delve into it. I'd love to answer you but I won't. It is external to the contest and I am not going to comment on it.

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