Carla Vigo, Letícia's niece, announces that it is over and points to the parents

Carla Vigo, niece of the queen of Spain, has revealed the most intimate details of her breakup. And it is that, apparently, the young woman's first statements would have pointed out the economy of her partner as the main cause of the separation.

  1. Carla Vigo confessed that she was in love
  2. Carla Vigo's first statements about their relationship

Carla Vigo confessed that she was in love

Carla Vigo, Leticia's niece, has been one of the members of the family whose queen has been commented on the most. Mainly, after the death of her mother, Érika Ortiz, who unfortunately committed suicide in 2007. Thus, Carla was left without a mother and, as she has confessed on numerous occasions, her loss was one of the worst events in life her.

On the other hand, Carla Vigo always showed herself with a smile, even in the hardest moments. And even earlier this year, she confessed to conferences the identity of her boyfriend, with whom she seemed very much in love. It was Álvaro Uceda, who she would have met through an 'app' to tie.

Carla Vigo and her boyfriend

| Catalonia Daily

“We met through an app and two weeks later we were living together. It was love at first sight," the 21-year-old confessed in April of this year. Furthermore, she claimed that she had plans to marry that boy and had even thought about the idea of ​​becoming a mother in the future. And it is that Carla also confessed that Álvaro was "the love of her life" of her.

Thus, the couple has been living together for about a year and a half. Carla even shared happy moments between them in her 'stories' ofInstagram. On the other hand, the recent confirmation of the state of her relationship with Álvaro Uceda has been very surprising.

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Carla Vigo's first statements about their relationship

Carla Vigo celebrated her birthday on October 13, a very special date for her. Many were surprised by the congratulations of Leticia and her cousins, although the absence of her boyfriend was much more impactful.

As revealed Week, on October 12, coinciding with the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Day, Carla would have broken off their relationship. Everything seems to be as a result of a discussion for economic reasons. And it is that Carla Vigo found it difficult to earn a stable job.

Capture of Carla Vigo crying.

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Thus, Carla and her ex-partner discussed the expense of the anniversary celebration. While the young man was worried about the girl's financial situation, she kept insisting on having a lavish party.

For this reason, on the young woman's birthday, her ex-partner was no longer present. The actress met her friends in a local Madrid, and threw a wonderful party to commemorate its 22nd anniversary. Without a doubt, it seems that she has chosen to surround herself with friends to overcome the pain of love.

Carla Vigo, niece of Queen Letizia, smiling at a 'photocall' in a red dress

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Before the cameras ofEurope Press, Carla Vigo has offered the first statements after the breakup. Despite not detailing the specific reason that would have led the couple to make this decision, she confessed that her boyfriend had become "a problem" for her.

Carla Vigo

| Europe Press

"I'm sorry, but these are things that happen," confessed Leonor and Sofía's cousin. "I didn't feel good about myself, and if you don't feel good about yourself, you can't be good about someone," she admitted.

In addition, Carla stated that, although the breakup was momentarily definitive, now she is not receptive to love. However, Leticia's niece confessed that she still loved her ex-boyfriend.

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