Ayuso’s surreal reaction to the name change of Atocha

Since the death of Almudena Grandes, writer of clearly left-wing ideas, the PP has always been against granting him a street or to put your name to any space. It has been the Government of Spain that has decided that Madrid’s Atocha station will be renamed Puerta de Atocha-Almudena Grandes, in honor of a woman who always boasted of Madrid.

The idea, which the Sánchez government intends to extend to other railway stations to name them with a woman’s namethe president of the Community of Madrid did not like very much. Isabel Diaz Ayusowhose reaction to hearing the news this Thursday has gone viral, not only because of what he has said, which usually offers surreal headlines, but because of how he has said it.

“What we know is that the government wants to name other stations after a woman and name them after a woman. And what I think is that and the Virgin of Atocha was already a woman”he said, to then remain silent for a few seconds that have become eternal, with a half-smiling face and staring at the journalists, and ending by saying: “No?”

Curiously, this moment has become trending topic to office, seeing many tweeters enormous similarities with scenes from the series. They have only missed the fact that it ended with a close-up of the Madrid president.

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