Arrasate insists with two forwards

Osasuna changed his usual football-tennis session this morning two days before the match for an intense training session in Tajonar in which its technician, Jagoba Arrasate, has insisted on working with two pointed forwards, unlike the strategy he has used in recent days, in which Budimir was the only striker, with Chimy leaning to the right wing. However, as has been happening all week, the Argentine has once again been closer to the goal and, therefore, to the goal.

All the footballers of the first team of the Navarrese team, with the exception of the injured Jesús Areso, have worked under the command of Arrasate, who has once again recruited the subsidiary winger Iker Benito for training. After the first part of the session dedicated to ball possession and pressure in a reduced space that served as a warm-up, the coaching staff insisted on attacking moves and in all cases they did so with two forwards in the area.

Chimy Ávila and Kike García have shared the lead in all training actions, while Budimir has teamed up with Barbero, first in plays in which Arrasate has insisted on charging the area with other midfield players with only two central defenders defending lateral centers (David García and Juan Cruz, on the one hand; and Aridane and Unai García, on the other), while in the final stretch of training the centers have been unopposed and with three couples trying to finish off, one made up of Chimy Ávila and Kike García; another by Budimir and Barbero; and a third with David García and Juan Cruz.

The Osasuna players will train again tomorrow morning. Although there is still no official confirmation, everything indicates that they will do it behind closed doors for the public and the press and, after the rehearsal, Jagoba Arrasate will appear before the journalists.

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