Ape street food: preparation and curiosity

Street food is a fashion that has now become global, which for some years has also been raging in Italy despite the fact that the phenomenon is not as widespread as in the United States. In our country, the most popular way to sell street food is the characteristic Street food of monkeys, or the legendary Piaggio model transformed into a food truck, a three-wheeled van equipped with a kitchen for preparing sandwiches and quick dishes. The Ape cars set up are an icon of Italian street food, a conversion that, depending on the level of complexity, can take up to three months of work and a decent investment. Here you are how to create the Ape truck food set-up and some curiosities on this combination, symbol of Made in Italy street food.

  1. Ape car street food: how the set-up works
  2. Ape truck food: what activities can you do?
  3. Rules and regulations for an Ape street food
  4. Ape street food: the price of the set-up
  5. Some curiosities about the Ape food truck

Ape car street food: how the set-up works

L'Ape is a small commercial vehicle produced by Piaggio, a vehicle born in 1948 it immediately became the icon of the Italian economic boom. This light, compact, economical and handy vehicle is a versatile vehicle suitable for every needalso to the sale of street food after a specific set-up and adaptation work. Whether it's the new Ape 50 or a used model, to get an Ape food truck you can turn to one of the companies that collaborate with Piaggioor rely on a mechanical workshop or carry out the set-up on your own. The market still offers many valid solutionswith the possibility of creating truly original and unique vehicles. For convert the Ape into a mobile shop a series of interventions must be carried out, from the vehicle electrical system to the modification of the bodywork, in addition to all aesthetic and graphic customizations for business promotion. The interior space must accommodate one or two people depending on the needs, have a sink with tank and a boiler for dispensing hot water. To cook you need a gas system with hob and a smoke evacuation hood, in addition to the predisposition for a fridge and the electricity generator. Of course, the certification of the systems is fundamental and all the sanitary regulations required by the reference region must also be respected.

Ape truck food: what activities can you do?

With the Piaggio Ape transformed into a food truck it is possible to sell any type of street food, from ice cream to the Sandwiches up to fried and even the Pizza installing a small wood-burning oven in the van. The Ape car allows you to sell too coffee expressed by converting the vehicle into a mobile bar, or prepare first dishes or appetizers. It is an ideal solution like traveling businessor to improve the visibility of a main business or increase sales with a mobile point that can reach customers. With the Ape food truck it is also possible participate in fairs, events and festivals around Italy, or to sector events dedicated to Italian and international street food. Ape street food can be useful as promotional strategyto advertise the restaurant business by offering free tastings to potential customers, or how outdoor summer point of sale. The potential of an Ape car food truck is truly manifold, just follow all legal requirements to avoid fines and penalties.

Rules and regulations for an Ape street food

First of all, the Piaggio Ape to be used for street food must be a approved vehicletherefore the conversion must be authorized by appropriate certifications as required by law. Being an autonomous vehicle, it must be up to date with the payment of the car tax, the mandatory revision and must have valid car insurance for the RCA policy. The driver must have an appropriate driving license based on the model of Ape Piaggio, in fact if some vehicles can be driven with the AM patents for others it necessarily needs the driving license B. You also need to have one license or authorization for the exercise of trade, the concession for the occupation of public land and the HACCP certificate.

Ape street food: the price of the set-up

The cost of setting up an Ape street food depends on the type of customizations made, with very variable prices depending on the interventions carried out on the original bodywork. Typically, a job of this type involves an expense of at least 20 thousand eurosbut the cost of customization can exceed this amount in the case of more elaborate customizations. For a good quality Ape car food truck you need spend about 30-40 thousand eurosbased on the systems, accessories and fittings required. It is possible to save money by opting for a Ape street food for hire or by choosing a franchise business.

Some curiosities about the Ape food truck

There are numerous curiosities about Ape street food, just do some research online to find out interesting news about this particular combination. For example, in Puglia it is active Mozzapellaan Ape car transformed into a food truck that brings Apulian street food directly to the beachto allow bathers to taste the products of the famous San Marco di Taranto dairy. The Tuscan street foodinstead, it is a trademark that ensures the geographical origin of the products, famous for participating in events with a fleet of Ape food trucks appropriately set up. On the other hand, the Ape also ended up in the Tuscan Street Food slogan, in fact as indicated on the website Tuscan excellences arrive with the Apeactually aboard a swarm of Ape. There are also gods street food bee gatherings like that of 2014 in Romewhich saw the participation of Ape food trucks from all over Italy bringing from Neapolitan specialties to those of Abruzzo. Obviously, the Ape for street food is not just an Italian phenomenon, in fact also abroad you can find the mythicals three-wheeled vans from Piaggio at the center of this global trend.

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