Antonio David talks to his daughter Lola and reveals what decision the judge has made

Antonio David has lived one of the worst years of his life. And it is that, after the premiere of the docuseries of his ex-wife, Rocío, tell the truth to stay aliveeverything started to go wrong.

In a matter of a short time, his life took a 180º turn. And he was suddenly fired from Save mebanned from the network and received harassment from the media as well as from Rociíto's followers.

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For this reason, he decided to move away from the media world. However, after several hard blows, the truth is that he managed to add joy to his life in the midst of all the controversy with his ex.

The former civil guard began a sentimental relationship with the reporter fromAna Rosa's program, Martha Riesco. Her new partner has made her forget about some traumatic moments. In addition, now with even more reason, luck seems to have found it.

And it is that his ex-wife, Olga Moreno, has received good news regarding the lawsuit filed by her enemy, Rocio Carrasco.

Anthony David Flores

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  1. The ex-wife of Antonio David Flores will not go to jail
  2. The plans of Antonio David Flores with the will of Rocío Jurado

The ex-wife of Antonio David Flores will not go to jail

Without a doubt, a very intense year for Anthony David Flores because of his ex-wife's documentary. Especially now that the second part, In the name of Rociois being broadcast on Telecinco.

Despite all the media harassment to which she has already had to get used to, at this time, it seems that the former civil guard has good reason to smile. During the last few hours it has been known that the mother of her daughter Lola Flores has won the lawsuit filed by the daughter of "The Greatest".

Also, as reported daily exclusively, the Provincial Court of Madrid has provisionally filed Rociíto's lawsuit against the ex-wife ofAnthony David Flores. And it is that, as they assure, there would be no crime of revealing secrets as charged to the mother of David Flores Carrasco in 2019.

On the other hand, this complaint would not only have affected who was a partner ofAnthony David Floresbut also Bethlehem Estebanwho was a friend of the family at the time. All this conflictive history began when Bethlehem Esteban assured to Save me that the daughter of 'The greatest' had a millionaire debt with the Tax Agency of Madrid.

From then on, the ex-wife ofAnthony David Flores filed a lawsuit against Olga Moreno and the collaborator, and asked them for compensation of 80 thousand euros. For the first she asked for five years in prison, while for the second a total of three.

Likewise, Fidel Albiac's wife requested that the mother ofAndreite had to pay a fine of 36 thousand euros. So, once again, Justice has turned its back on Rociíto, since finally none of his requests can be fulfilled.

Photo by Olga Moreno.

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The plans of Antonio David Flores with the will of Rocío Jurado

Although this news has been a pleasant surprise for Anthony David Flores, the truth is that, now, he is once again in the eye of controversy for a new episode of his ex-wife's documentary. In the tenth episode, she brought out Rocío Jurado's first will, in which she stripped her daughter of all her assets.

On the contrary, the maximum beneficiary would be Gloria Mohedano, her aunt, who would be in charge of managing all the singer's possessions. "He has information that this will be so and so he made sure that, as his children would inherit, to be able to do and undo," revealed the ex-wife ofAnthony David Flores.

«Gloria tells the Being 'don't worry, if she (Rocío Jurado) dies, your children are covered because I will manage it.' This is the moment when he gives me the modification of measures », he explained. But, as is well known, finally, the artist decided to make a new will in which he ruled that his daughter would be his universal heir.

"My mother doesn't leave anything to my children because she doesn't want my father to touch it. My mother lifts my punishment on September 17, 2004 », she explains.

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